Asus Zenfone Zoom – Optical Zoom with photo optimisations – Which photo is better? 

As mentioned in earlier posts on the Zenfone Zoom, the phone has 3 times optical zoom. The 2 shots below are using just over 2 x optical zoom. Except in the first shot the phone had photo optimisations set to Auto and the second I manually adjusted the settings.

Just to explain a bit further, the camera app settings has an option called optimisation. You can set it on auto, off or manual. By default it’s on auto. 

Using manual, you can fine tune the levels of saturation, contrast, sharpness, noise reduction, backlight and detail enhancement. 

First shot is in auto mode and auto photo optimisation. Both photos are tighter crops of the original which was using 2 x optical zoom of the pepper dispenser. 


So now manual photo optimisation shot again in auto mode.
So which do you prefer ?


3 thoughts on “Asus Zenfone Zoom – Optical Zoom with photo optimisations – Which photo is better? 

  1. Image 2…….. but for a Smartphone I often shoot Auto and PP afterwards.
    Manual is paramount where I use it all the time with my high-end cameras as each setting is tailor made for that shot. Smartphones on the other hand are ideal for most day-to-day shots where speed to take shots overrides time to alter manual settings.

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  2. Second appears to have a little more dynamic range. Whether that is due to the manual tweaks or slightly different shooting angle, cannot say.

    Never touched saturation, sharpness contrast on the k zoom. Maybe contrast if I was trying tonscan a document it that would only be if forced to.

    NR, backlight and detail enhancement are new to me. Ah so that is how you managed to lift the shadows ever so slightly in the second one.

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