Moody #Princetown #Dartmoor in the #Snow – #UKSnow – Shot on the #Asus #Zenfone #Zoom

The snow arrived last night and through the early hours of the morning up in Princetown, Dartmoor.

So at the crack of dawn I went out and took a number of photos. I decided to use the new Asus Zenfone Zoom smartphone which has 3 x optical zoom, an Apple iPhone 6S Plus and a Sony RX100.

Before sunrise, the worst shots came from the RX100 as the white balance was wrong. The iPhone 6S Plus did a much better job and the Zenfone Zoom just took first place, albeit a very close first place.

Then sunrise started and once again I used all 3 devices. This time the Sony RX100 totally smashed out a corker of a shot. Both the iPhone 6S Plus and Asus Zenfone Zoom took superb photos but once again I preferred the post processed shots from the Zenfone Zoom. Anyway, below are the shots from the Zenfone Zoom at sunrise, with a quick edit in snapseed.

The photos may take a moment to load. Click on each photo to see the full size version. 

Moody #Princetown #Dartmoor in the Snow #UKSnow #Asus #ZenfoneZoom

Moody #Princetown #Dartmoor in the Snow #UKSnow #Asus #ZenfoneZoom

Moody #Princetown #Dartmoor in the Snow #UKSnow #Asus #ZenfoneZoom

Moody #Princetown #Dartmoor in the Snow #UKSnow #Asus #ZenfoneZoom

8 thoughts on “Moody #Princetown #Dartmoor in the #Snow – #UKSnow – Shot on the #Asus #Zenfone #Zoom

      1. Thanks Gavin…..
        btw, have you tried Camera 360 recently.
        I never used it for taking shots but sometimes used the PP.
        However, it’s recently had a big update. Shooting is improved (swipe up from the bottom of the screen just underneath the big yellow shoot button for manual WB, ISO, Speed) and the editing has seen a major rewrite. Even the HDR modes have been recompiled. There’s also a rather interesting ‘comic sticker’ section which is very similar to what Sony used to have with their AR Effects.
        My eldest granddaughter who at her young age of 8 and loves photography found placing a pigs face and a flower bonnet on Gan Gan rather amusing.


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