Unveiling of the LG G5 – details

1 lgg5 2016

LG has dropped its first teaser regarding the LG G5 launch at Mobile World Congress next month.

Really what we need to know, is when will this be available to purchase in the UK and will the UK get treated like poorly with an inferior specification version?

Whatever, the LG G5 is meant to come with an upgraded camera to the LG G4, an improved audio system, build quality and lots more.

Source – LG/Pocketnow.com


2 thoughts on “Unveiling of the LG G5 – details

  1. If the English team of soccer win the Euro 2016, you can hope a LG G5 with rights specs. Otherwise, you can hope a sd 801 :p

    I hope there is an annoucement about the LG G5 in march, i have the SD Card but not the phone for it^^

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  2. Since Yesterday, The web are crazy about a concept with an removable battery by the down of the phone. This concept was not new and are present in the Nokia N8 :

    It’s could be nice to obtain this concept for a smaller size of the phone but …. in my case i’m not happy with the unibody phone …

    In the future, we buy unybody phone but with only one fall, the phone body was died… It could be clever to buy phone without body, only with modular components and buy the protection…. Smaller body for smaller body … i think it’s not the good race for the industry and not the good road at all.

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