Smartphone Cameras – Are we too crazed about them?

Dropping from the 16mp camera on the LG G4 to the 12mp iPhone 6S Plus does frustrate me sometimes.

Below is a 17mp 16:9 photo. As there was loads of pixels, I could crop it to produce this cow selfie shot. These were taken on the Sony RX100 MK3.

Cow Selfie #Dartmoor #WintersDay

Or just create something straight forward like these two shots below –

Picnic on Dartmoor #WintersDay

Fingle Inn, Fingle Bridge #devon

As good as the iPhone camera is across video and stills, on several occasions I do miss the extra pixel data. The RX100 is small enough to fit in a pocket to the point that I might stop using the iPhone completely and then I would not have to worry about how good or bad my camera was on a my phone.

Have you ever felt this?


6 thoughts on “Smartphone Cameras – Are we too crazed about them?

      1. Thanks Gavin. What I love most about this camera and my Fujifilm X-T1 is the controls are ever so ‘old style’. No PASM here. Just straight dial up what you require. It makes using the camera a much more enjoyable experience.


  1. So the G4 camera was night and day better than the 6splus? Or is it just cell phone cameras in general? Your posts have shown amazing photos from both .


  2. Yup, have the rx100 mk I always in a spare pocket. The iPhone 6 is used for quick snaps.

    My photography skills have come on leaps and bounds. DSLR had ” to be pulled out”, and iPhone was too much simplification

    But each has his own criteria. As much as I like music, no chance on a portable amp and MP3 player

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