Ted Baker Rockall Headphones – 2 Month Review

Welcome to my review of the Ted Baker Rockall headphones. This review is written after spending 2 months with these headphones to allow for a proper burn in period. Ted Baker? Headphones? Surely not? Actually yes.

Apparently Ted Baker designed the Rockall headphones from the ground up to produce a high quality headphone. These have a RRP of £179.99. However, these are available for a lot less. Amazon (link) is selling these currently for as little as £69.99.

The Key Specifications

– Made from brushed stainless steel and soft leather
– Smart foldable construction
– Adjustable sliding headband
– Tangle-resistant cable
– Exceptional sound quality with rich bass
– Apple-compatible remote and microphone allowing call and control functions
– Travel case included
– 1/4 adaptor plug for hi-fi connection
– 40mm driver

As you can see the specification excludes the ohms, frequency range and sensitivity. I could not find this information anywhere on the internet. These headphones are designed to work from Apple iOS devices as the inline remote/mic works fully with iOS devices. On android only the play/pause/mic part works.

The headphones come in a range of finishes. I have the silver black option, but there are two other finishes brown/silver and gold/white. There are a number of neat design touches with these headphones form leather effect removable cable (handy if you break the cable or want to upgrade it), cool finishes across various parts of the design. See photos below.

So they look stylish, but what do the sound like? For a start they are not a Beats sounding headphone with a V shaped bass heavy sound. Quite the opposite. Surprisingly they are fairly neutral, with sub bass only if the track has it. However it did a good job in some areas like female vocal, guitar, instrumental, rock and classical, but with modern pop it sometimes seemed that the mid and treble got lost in the performance and lacked sparkle. If you like dance or trance type music these headphones are NOT for you! Ted Baker obviously designed these to work straight out of the iPhone and for that functionality they work really well. The mic and controls all function just fine and call quality was acceptable. Using the inline controls to control the music also functioned fine. These headphones are not for bass freaks. They do have bass but it a more neutral sound across the spectrum.

In the box you got a 1/4 adapter and a lovely carry case. To fold the headphones into the case, you really need to remove the cable from the headphones. But that is easy to do and makes carrying them a compact affair.

At a RRP of £179.99 there are many better sounding headphones. If you paid £100 for these then would be a reasonable purchase. At £69.99 they become an ever better purchase. I paid £40 in a lightning deal making these unbelievable value. However, these are a fairly neutral sounding headphone, so will not appeal to everyone. But some some, they will be ideal.

Ted Baker Rockall deal at Amazon UK

3 thoughts on “Ted Baker Rockall Headphones – 2 Month Review

  1. Thank you for this review. I am from Spain, and I was looking for any info about this headphones, I saw your coments on Head-fi.org

    Its very useful for me, I have bought the Ted Baker London Finisterre 😉

    And sorry about my english


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