Apple iPhone 6S – Creating Movies in iMovie – Editorial

One of the joys of using an iPhone is using iMovie on the iPhone itself. The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus come with a powerful A9 processor that makes light work of editing your own movie. 

Below is a sample video edited and created in iMovie from just a few short video clips and photographs. 

The video filmed in the above movie was recorded at 4K. From the iMovie app itself you can share the 4K content directly to YouTube. In fact, this is the only way to share 4K content to YouTube , via the iMovie app on iOS. Otherwise to upload 4K, you will need to do this from your Mac or PC. 

iMovie for iOS enables you to browse and share videos or just video clips, mark favourite moments to find the later on, create cool Hollywood style trailers with 14 different templates along with some great music, customise loads of different aspects of the trailers, from logos, titles , cast names and credits. 3D Touch is available too to quickly start a project or peek at a movie. Movies have a choice of 8 themes, 10 video filters, speed enhancements from slow motion, fast forward, picture in picture , split screen effects, or create your own soundtracks or sound effects. It is also possible to connect a keyboard and use keyboard editing shortcuts for faster creation. And the above is just a summary of what’s possible and all on my iPhone 6S. 

If you do decide to video in 4K you will need to change the iPhone settings for the camera in the main settings app, under Photos & Camera. One minute of 4K video uses 375mb of space. However, recording in 4K does allow for zooming in and removing still photos from the 4K video. To remove photos from the 4K video which will be 8mp shots, I use SnapStill for iOS. Not only does it recommend which are the best frames to extract to 8mp photos but it gives you the option to keep the meta data. The above photo is a 8mp still from the 4K video example. 

All this flexibility of iMovie on the iPhone 6S makes it a superb piece of video editing kit. Now when I consider changing to an android phone,there is nothing of comparison that allows for proper editing on the phone itself. 

Coming back to the iPhone 6S Plus from my LG G4 really has opened my eyes to the extensive video and photo editing apps now available. iMovie is the icing on the cake!


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