LG G5 – The G4 was impressive but the LG G5 is extraordinary – details and vs Samsung Galaxy S7

I had hours of delight with my LG G4 and it was sad to sell it on to a new home a few months ago.

Now it is time for the rumours to arrive about its predecessor, the LG G5 and it is likely to be one knockout device.

Features will include –

– Snapdragon 820 Processor
– 4gb Ram
– 32gb Storage
– Micro SD slot
– Metallic Build
– 5.3 inch QHD screen
– Secondary Ticker Display like the LG V10
– Rear Camera – dual lens 16-megapixel camera providing a 135-degree wide-angle capability
– 8mp front camera
– More sensors on rear – fingerprint, RGB, focus assist, flash
– Magic Slot – to provide extra hardware functionality e.g. more camera options, HIFI
– Battery 2,800mAh

I really look forward to seeing what the new Snapdragon 820 can produce with LG’s camera prowess. The magic slot for hardware expansion on features seems exciting too. As does the improved metallic build. Just a shame the battery is still too small even with marshmallow on board and a better SOC.

Now in case you’re wondering about the new Samsung Galaxy S7, this will feature similar specifications but bizarrely the rumour is suggesting the S7 will only have a 12.2mp rear facing camera. Let’s hope this translates into huge pixels for exceptional low light shots! It appears that Samsung and LG are going to tackle photography different this year in terms of optics. I am looking forward to seeing what each of these phones can create especially with the powerful snapdragon 820 processor being able to allow for some serious photo processing during each shot.

The S7 will also come in two variants, the curved edge and non curve.

Are you looking forward to this phone?

Source – Venture Beat


9 thoughts on “LG G5 – The G4 was impressive but the LG G5 is extraordinary – details and vs Samsung Galaxy S7

  1. Hi, i think 2016 is a good year for the smartphones industry. Especially nice chip with some capatibilities in photo. But … when we see the heat of the Exynos of the Samsung Galaxy S6, i’m certainly so greedy. For the battery, it is really a shame ? i think also yes, unibody for some models why not… but in the fact, we get only 0,2 0,3 mm less than models with removables batteries and here yes it’s a shame. Gavin, you have the LG G4, how many times, you have remove and replace your battery with an other ? I’m curious because i don’t like smatphone with no removable batteries, especially when i want to give my old smatphone to a member of my family

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    1. With the G4 if I was travelling without a car I always ended up using both batteries. Sometimes I had the battery charger with a battery pack to charge the empty battery while using the other battery. But I do take a lot of pics which drains the battery a lot.


  2. Gavin, do you use micro sd card on your phone ? If yes, what’s the type and capacity, with here maps offline maps, photos and videos, i’m not sure about the nice size and particulary when i said that Google photo can upload all my photos and video on the cloud …


  3. I have buy the 128. Stupid question, it’s possible to capture 4K Video with this SD card ? or the difference between 4K video and 1080p was not significative.


    1. You can record 4K to the memory card. You need to TBH as 5 mins of 4K video will use nearly 2gb of space. There is a lot of difference between 4K and 1080p. But try recording the same thing in both resolutions and decide what you like. You may feel the extra space 4K needs is not worth it


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