On a Tripod – iPhone 6S vs Sony QX10 vs HTC Re Camera


As you can see from the photo above, it was a foggy day. The photo above was snapped using a Huawei G8. Below are 3 photos taken of the church from the iPhone 6S Plus, Sony QX10 and HTC Re.

Apple iPhone 6S Plus


Sony QX10


HTC Re Camera


iPhone 6S Plus – 8mp still from 4K video


Now what is surprising is how the Sony QX10 and HTC Re have all had several firmware updates since launch, so actually at this point in time are near their optimised state. And this shows in the usage of the cameras as they both performed much better than when I originally had the QX10 and speaking to a tech colleague also confirmed that the HTC Re was now improved since its release.

The 8mp still extracted from 4K video is the same video shown in the previous post.


2 thoughts on “On a Tripod – iPhone 6S vs Sony QX10 vs HTC Re Camera

    1. Hi Jeff. The iPhone does handle the fog rather differently and that’s the difference. It does take a good photo too. The Sony QX10 picture quality is generally ahead of everything used plus it has 10x optical zoom. But it’s not a phone. The HTC Re is probably the weakest in quality but I love the wide field of view. It actually has another setting to take an ultra wider shot as well. Near fish eye in effect. Plenty of fun with the Re.


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