Important! Have you updated your Apple devices to iOS 9.2 yet? – Editorial

Last week Apple released iOS 9.2. I posted details of all the 40 plus changes HERE.

Like all firmware updates, bug fixes are often included and iOS 9.2 included many of those. What is never declared is the critical nature of some of these bug fixes or how many users got impacted by the issues.

One area that effected a very significant amount of people was Apple’s iCloud, including myself. The range of iCloud issues was extensive, but let’s just say it wasn’t fun for me and many others.

However, the good news is iOS 9.2 fixes the iCloud problems so make sure you update when you can if you haven’t already. BUT. You may still get some issues so what you need to do on your iOS devices is sign out of iCloud, sign into your Apple ID on your device under the iTunes and App Store, view your account, accept any new agreement notices (if any) then make sure you sign out of the iTunes and App Store. What you are actually doing is refreshing your iCloud status with Apple’s servers. Now sign back in to everything again and you should be ok.

If you have been receiving popup screens to enter your Apple ID password daily, the above sequence should fix that as well.

2 thoughts on “Important! Have you updated your Apple devices to iOS 9.2 yet? – Editorial

  1. Unlike my Brother who has tons of issues (which I believe is mostly to do with the lack of wifi speed) I count myself lucky in that the only problem I have been receiving is the blessed Battery Usage that normally shows a list of apps using the battery is extremely problematic.
    Quite often is the case no matter how many times I charge the iPhone fully it never populates this list, only for it to many days later suddenly reappear, then to again disappear hours later.

    It is still very early days but since installing 9.2 this problem has vanished.


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