Why it might be a good idea to buy the Samsung Note 5 or LG V10 – details

Both the LG V10 and Samsung Note 5 have been on sale across the world for several months now with the UK and other parts of the world not being offered for sale by LG and Samsung respectively.

Whilst the is frustrating not being able to grab the latest and greatest phone from day 1, it actually might be a blessing. Why? Well in the last 3 months both phones have received several firmware updates to remove many bugs and add a few new features. The firmware updates also improve performance and protect the phones with newer security patches.

So actually, if you buy these phones in January 2016, you should be using a fairly bug free phone which is also better optimised than when it originally went on sale.

So who wants the LG V10 or Note 5?


9 thoughts on “Why it might be a good idea to buy the Samsung Note 5 or LG V10 – details

  1. Gavin. Wise words. Also there are reports that Samsung have made changes to the Note 5 to stop people from inserting the stylus into the silo in the wrong direction.

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  2. I’m wondering if we won’t see removable batteries or even micro SD cars in the next gen Samsung phones. If not I would consider the LG, Sony Z5 or frankly whoever gives me a decent camera and micro SD at a sane price without being a pain in the bum.


    1. At the rate Samsung is managing to shoot themselves in the foot, you’ll be lucky if there is a next generation of phones. I am still shocked at what they did in the Note 5. Note 4 and Note Edge clearly gave them the clue as to what to do to go forward – keep the same basics and use the edge, along with maybe a tiny reduction in bezel and screen, to get you a bit smaller form factor and thus hand grip. And they managed to botch it.


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