FIGHT – Nexus 5X vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Camera Shootout

As the title says, take the new camera from the Nexus 5X and pit it against the best Apple has to offer with the iPhone 6S Plus. The iPhone 6S Plus has optical image stabilisation and the Nexus 5X omits this for super large 1.55 micron pixels. To see full size, click on photos. Photos cannot be reproduced or shared without my permission.

Round 1

The iPhone 6S Plus goes first on then the Nexus 5X. This is for all of the shots. The iPhone 6S shoots at f/2.2 ISO25, and a shutter speed of 1/110. The colours are very natural in this shot.


The Nexus 5X takes a good shot but the grass is a different colour.


The next shot by the iPhone 6S Plus is with the sun on top of the church roof in the clouds. f/2.2, ISO25, Shutter 1/2849


So let’s look at the Nexus 5X. Hard to believe the difference here. f/2.0. ISO 61 f/2236.


So iPhone 6S Plus again. The colours and exposure are more accurate than the Nexus 5X. The clouds aren’t over exposed by the iPhone either. ISO 25 and shutter 1/1832.


So next up the Nexus 5X. Even though it over exposed the sky and is more saturated, its a good shot.


iPhone 6S Plus again.


Next the Nexus 5X. The colours are not as natural as the iPhone. Same thoughts on exposure too.


Lastly, a street scene. iPhone 6S first. Notice the different field of view between the phones.


And now the Nexus 5X.


Obviously there is more to test, from the front cameras to video. But the above gives you a taste of how the Nexus 5X performs.

So what do you all think?

6 thoughts on “FIGHT – Nexus 5X vs Apple iPhone 6S Plus – Camera Shootout

  1. Have seen a few samples where the sky seems ‘blown out’ by the N5x – regardless though its the best a Nexus camera has been and doesn’t appear to be a sacrifice you have to make in the Nexus line this year. Mine comes tomorrow – hopefully they can tweak the software to improve it further 🙂


  2. Close call…seems 6 Plus much better with colors and exposure. Seems like the Nexus has a tendency to REALLY blow out the sky (similar pics across the web today). Clarity seems like a slight edge to Nexus. Although the 6 plus does not sharpen its photos enough. If you Snapseed the sharpness to a 10 or so it makes a big difference in the details of a 6 plus picture.


  3. Actually 5X is perform pretty cool shots. My opinion is the different/ not 100% accuracy colors of 5X shooter is better for me. I’m not photographer, but my personal preferences is for Nexus device shooter. Thank you for your sharing experience! 🙂


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