The BlackBerry Priv – Revealed – Exclusive


Welcome to the BlackBerry Priv, BlackBerry’s first android phone costing around £579 sim free when it becomes available to buy next month.

This really looks like a gorgeous piece of hardware. Have a look at the hands on video and then leave a comments as to whether this is the ultimate android smartphone.


8 thoughts on “The BlackBerry Priv – Revealed – Exclusive

  1. This looks interesting. I’d given up on ever getting a decent Android phone with a proper keyboard. An S6 is in a van winging its way to me right now. Maybe I should have waited until next month?


      1. I don’t like either of the new Nexuses. The 5 only has 32gb of memory and no SD card. The 6 is too big for me. I looked at the Xperia Z5 but it got really hot in a very short time: the curse of the Snapdragon 810! S6 is the perfect size for me.


      2. The Z5 is fine with the 810. Its got huge cooling pipes 🙂

        Also, I have used it. The heat is normal, in fact I did 9 mins 4K video and it still didnt overheat. All phones can get hot nowadays especially the setting up a new phone or updating the firmware generally will make it hotter than normal.


      3. I may be a bit paranoid after all the problems with the Z3+ which Sony failed to acknowledge. Also they have a very hit and miss reputation with Android updates


  2. I was tempted by the Z5 but now waiting for this new Blackberry. I use a passport as well and like the capacitative keyboard for scrolling. I also like the message hub.


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