Preparing to ditch Google for Siri – Editorial

A lot can happen in the world of technology in a space of 6 months.

In the world of Gavin’s Gadgets the change in direction can be even faster. Back in February 2015, I wrote this piece on how I had sold my soul to Google.

On Saturday 12th September, I was a guest again on the Phones Show Chat Podcast – . Steve Litchfield asked me how I could simply switch operating systems at the blink of an eye. What Steve was referring too is my change from my current phone, the LG G4 and LG Watch Urbane to the iPhone 6S Plus and Apple Watch on 25th September. The LG G4 plus all my accessories will be sold within a week after receiving the iPhone 6S Plus. For the record, the LG G4 has been by far the best smartphone I have ever used. So why the change?

Well those that know me well, will also know that I enjoy using all operating systems. However, this time Apple has made a few changes that make the jump somewhat more attractive. Firstly, the iCloud storage pricing plans have been lowered to a far more reasonable and competitive level, meaning I can totally use the Apple eco system to its fullest, without paying over the top for cloud storage. I updated my iCloud contacts and calendar data to mirror that held on Google, so now I don’t need to even sync my contacts and calendar from Google. As a backup, I still have all my photos, media, docs and music sitting on Google Drive along with a further backup of photos and docs in Dropbox, but now going forward I intend just to use Apple iCloud for everything. Before, I sync my photo library to iCloud along with my music, I will have to tidy up my photo library on my mac.

I held off starting my 3 month Apple Music trial, but will activate this with my new iPhone 6S Plus. Now with regards to the iPhone 6S Plus, I already have received the official leather Apple case from Apple, along with some Spigen screen protectors.

So what am I looking forward to with the new iPhone? Well the new 12mp camera and all the software trickery that goes with it. iOS apps, iOS 9, 3D Touch, Apple Pay, using the phone with the Apple Watch and with everything tightly integrated. I really missed iMovie on the phone. This piece of software is so powerful and slick and even as of today’s date there isn’t really an alternative on android. And now with the lower iCloud storage plans, I can use Apple for everything.

As time moves on, it really seems that to get the most from your phone, it is best to ensure you use the respective cloud and apps that are part of your phones operating system. So if ever I moved back to Google, I still have a copy of my data on Google Drive and if a miracle occurs and Microsoft takes over the world with its new Windows 10 phones, I have a partial copy of my data sitting on One Drive.

Now, let’s see if I can keep this phone for a few years 🙂

11 thoughts on “Preparing to ditch Google for Siri – Editorial

  1. I saw someone use his Apple Watch to pay for entry to the London Tube system and it worked fine. Looked a bit awkward having to twist your wrist to make contact with the NFC reader. But it worked! Not like the Apple Pay with the iPhone I have seen in coffee shops. I still feel more comfortable using plastick but I’ll try Samsung pay when it’s launched.


  2. May I ask which colour S6 Plus you went for and why?

    Still undecided myself between Space Grey and White/Silver.



      1. Thanks for your reply.

        I’m learning towards the silver as well. I like the look of the black when the screen is off but feel the white suits iOS better.

        I currently have an iPhone 6 and am a bit concerned about the size increase. Should I be?


      2. Yes. Personally I don’t mind bigger phones but the camera on the plus is better as it has optical image stabilisation. The real issue is the extra weight for both models. The plus is 190g which is heavy. 3D Touch screens add weight. However, you will get used to the size. If buying from Apple you could try for 14 days and if too large , swap to smaller size. Worth noting the plus has a better screen and much better battery life too.


  3. I’m due an upgrade and am squinting at the new iPhones. Have you seen any reviews of the new camera? Are there any reviews yet? I read that the sensor size is smaller which may not bode well for low light pics.


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