The Haters vs Apple – Editorial

A few days ago Apple presented their new hardware and software covering iPads, iPhones , Apple TV, iOS 9 , Apple Watch and so much more. 

And then became the haters or fan people of opposing operating systems. Now for the record I use a LG G4, an iPad, a BlackBerry and a windows machine everyday. I also have spent a fair amount of time with windows phone. I have owned every iPhone after the iPhone 4. So I am fairly platform agnostic. Actually, looking back at previous brands, most have been Samsung or HTC. So basically, I enjoy using all tech regardless of operating system. 

So let’s get back to Apple. Android tech geeks just don’t get it. People on the whole don’t care or know what specs their phone has. People just want their phone to work. And that is where Apple steps in. One of the new features in the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus is live photo. This records a second and a half before and after each photo to make it come alive. Immediately, people were saying Apple copied HTC and its Zoe mode, BlackBerry and Windows Phone living images. So if Apple copied , or was inspired by, how come nobody bought a HTC or Window Phone in huge numbers and or went self proclaiming the new live images. Why? Because they weren’t simple to use and required extra input. Apple just has it on. It just works. It works on all Apple devices including the Apple Watch. Facebook are going to integrate live photos from the iPhone. At this point the camera specification is irrelevant. People just don’t care. 

As another example is the Apple TV. People were up in arms saying the Amazon Fire TV did everything Apple’s new TV does. Except it does but doesn’t. I have a Fire TV paired to a Moga Pro Bluetooth Game Controller. Only one problem. Very limited gaming apps on the Fire TV. Just watch Apple TV launch from day one with better games than the Fire TV. Once again, the specs of the Apple box don’t matter. 

With android phones , it is very addictive to keep comparing another phone based on its specs. More ram or storage perhaps. Must be better. But with Apple its meagre specced iPhones play games at 60 frames per second consistently. A 4gb ram android phone may still struggle to play games at that level. 

Now if you are a blackberry fan person or windows phone fan person I feel your pain:)


11 thoughts on “The Haters vs Apple – Editorial

  1. I hear what you say, but global market is 80% Android. And because Android phones are cheaper, because you can still buy new iPhone 4s for less than £200. And on contract the IPhone 5c is very very cheap. Android is closer to a PC experience and we must not forget this is 2015 and people are a lot more tech wavy so Android is actually not that difficult to use.


  2. Totally agree Gavin…. Apple may not be the cheapest, may not be the first to implement a feature but I know if it’s a job that needs doing exceptionally well, clear & easy the device I always reach for is my Apple device.


  3. Apple could have left out 3D Touch and used the extra girth of the Iphone 6s to include a larger battery. But no. You have to have their new UI concept.


    1. Sorry but that sounds illogical. What you are saying here is throw away technology for the sake of a larger capacity battery!
      I would definitely have 3D Touch (Force Touch) over a larger capacity battery. Developers will be quick to build on its uses. There are already a strong growth of apps being developed purely for this feature in both the professional (medical to name but one) and personal sectors.
      Granted the battery is smaller but time will tell; according to the specs the new A9 processor is kinder on the battery where the actual running time will be slightly greater than the larger battery in the 6 & 6 Plus.


      1. If a device becomes more useful it will get used more and that means the battery becomes an important factor. All surveys with real consumers say battery life is one of the most important features they look for.


      2. Unbelievable……. You are using a survey to prove your argument.
        You actually think it is right to discard technology on the grounds of a better battery performance irrespective of the fact in this instance as I have repeatedly mentioned the batteries do not suffer.
        I bet if this were an Android device you would jump in its defence.
        Unlike your good self I actually use and own both Android and Apple phones/tablets/watches/laptops/etc. I look at each with an open mind.

        Sorry Jah but this is not the first time I have had an unreasoned debate from your corner.
        Apologies Gavin, enough is enough. This is my last participation on Gavin’s Gadgets.


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