Apple – My verdict on all the new announcements – iPhone 6S, Apple TV, iPad Pro and new Apple Watch options

Yesterday, Apple carried out a near perfect 2 hour masterclass keynote speech, announcing a wide range of new products. Here are my initial thoughts on everything.

New iPhone 6S and 6S Plus

The new iPhone has a new 12mp camera that coupled with the new A9 processor and digital image processing chip allows for 4K video recording, live photo capture and a whole lot more. Apple made the point that by increasing the MP they did not sacrifice pixel quality. The tech specs show that the camera sensor has got smaller not larger with the iPhone 6S. Instead of 1.5 microns it is now only 1.22 microns. As a comparison , the LG G4 camera sensor is 2.6 microns in size with a f/1.8 aperture. The iPhone 6S is still only f/2.2. Despite these specs, the proof is in the pudding and time will tell.

3D Touch now comes to the iPhone (or Force Touch). The front camera is now 5mp. With all the other features and tight hardware and software integrations, the iPhone makes for a compelling package, albeit at a high price.

A new pink colour is now available too.

iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is a giant iPad with a 12.9 inch screen. It has the new A9X processor and has bespoke accessories from the new keyboard with speakers and the Apple Pencil. The Apple Pencil is a stylus for the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro looks excellent but at 713g for the WiFi only model and 723g for the WifI plus LTE it is just too heavy. Also, it pricing invades the MacBook Air or Macbook line up. Surely, it is better to buy one of these and run proper desktop apps? Beautiful product if you like that sort of thing.

Apple TV

The new Apple TV with TVos shows promise. A clean user interface, using siri and a new remote control that also adds as a game controller. Proper game controller can be used with the Apple TV too. Current limitations restrict apps to 200mb with the other app components needing to be held in the cloud. So probably more of a casual gaming option. Siri searched other TV streaming platforms which I thought was a neat feature. Overall, I really liked the new Apple TV.

Apple Watch

So just in time for the holiday season, Apple launches a whole range of new straps, watch finishes and special edition straps. This is surely going to be a popular Xmas stocking filler. Watch OS2 was shown off too and looked very promising.

Data Storage Costs

Finally, Apple reduced the size of their cloud data costs, making the service far more reasonable and competitive.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I thought Apple nailed it. Tight integration of engineering, software and hardware shone through. Whilst I remained optimistic, Apple’s share price has dropped 2.16 following the keynote speech.

So what are your thoughts on the Apple product announcements?


11 thoughts on “Apple – My verdict on all the new announcements – iPhone 6S, Apple TV, iPad Pro and new Apple Watch options

  1. I was considering an  TV ahead of the event but fancy remote and UI aside it left me cold. I don’t think support for the future standards of TV, 4k, HDR etc even had a mention. Were it that a larger number of content providers were on board giving Apple more of their unbundled app-based vision you could mitigate the lack of future proofing. The MLB demo was a tantalising glimpse of what could be but as a sports fan it feels we’re a long way from a big enough shift in distribution in the UK to really cut the cord. For me, there’s no real reason as yet to choose one of these over the multitude of alternatives if you’re not completely wedded to iTunes.


  2. Apple said a lot of hype but their sentence speech endings were not met with a crescendo of claps and woo-haa’s but more a cold flick of the tide on the waters edge. I even noted a couple of speeches where the the speaker on finishing his explanation to raise the audience he in turn raised his hands in a gesture of “heck help me out here guys”.

    A lot was covered on hype and excitement was plenty on stage but little was mentioned on details….. such as:-
    How much RAM will the phones sport, will it be 2GB or remain at 1GB?
    Is there any Wireless Charging available?
    You’ve already mentioned on the sensor and aperture size Gavin but again nothing was said to explain why they feel the actual shooting is such a big improvement (it’s always a big improvement isn’t it ~ sarc mode).
    The Live Photo is a neat trick but that’s all it is…. a trick.
    The list could go on but I’ll leave that to anyone else.

    Regardless, I know I’ll be ordering the 6s Plus 128GB Space Grey this coming Sat and I’ll look forward to using the new iOS 9 which when updated I’ll get it the day of release.
    I’ll also look forward to having control of all my work, phone calls, messages, etc. etc. all from whichever machine I am using at the time.

    The iPad Pro and iPensil and will also be on my list as will the improved AppleTV.
    I’m drawn in, hook line and sinker…… They have me!


      1. I have heard that too, as I have also heard the 6s will remain at 1GB whilst the 6s Plus will be 2GB.
        Basically we have to play the waiting game before we have confirmation.
        These should all be covered before we even start to consider going for the purchases this coming Sat morning.


      2. One item I did forget to mention that was better ~ iCloud Storage.
        This has increased from 20GB to 50GB for the same monthly price whilst 200GB see’s a dollar cheaper from $3.99 to $2.99 and 1TB the biggest fall from $19.99 to $9.99 which was the cost of the 500GB tier.
        No mention was said on the 500GB tier so I can only assume it has vanished.


  3. Back again…….
    The RAM on both iPhones looks like it is remaining at 1GB.
    Also the battery size has reduced to allow the 3DTouch (Force Touch) sensor.

    I honestly think Apples logo for the iPhone “The only thing that has changed is everything” will come back to bite them!


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