LG Watch Urbane – my watch faces shown photographed – gallery


Above and below are all the watch faces I have installed using an app called Watchmaker Premium. The app comes in a free and premium offering. For the value and benefits it provides I spent the price of a coffee on the app. Apart from importing watch faces, you can edit and design your own watch faces using the app.

Looking at the first collage shot, and going from left to right, these are the names of each watch faces – Breitling Chronomat 44 Raven, Ferrari Watch, Dimmed Mode sample (after a few seconds all these watch faces offer an always on watch face, but one that uses slightly less battery, sometimes the dimmed mode option is better than the actual watch face) , next row left to right – Casio Illuminator, Hansglo 2, Material, Raidillon igu, Reapur, Casio Blue. With all these watch faces there are normally extra functions too accessed by tapping the watch faces in certain spots.


The next collage, left to right – Core Sport 4 Function Modded, Sicura no bezel, IWC Aquatimer, river watch o&b, Longines OH V2 igu, Paneraix, Omega Chrono GMT, Military Digital V3.2 pro and Breitling Emergency.

The below gif was produced courtesy of Google Photos:)


I have other watch faces installed, but these are my favourites.

In addition, LG provide a wealth of watch faces as shown below –




Not a bad selection on offer!

7 thoughts on “LG Watch Urbane – my watch faces shown photographed – gallery

  1. This is a very personal issue I know, but I don’t like the brown strap. It also somehow looks small on the R. Nice faces selection btw.


  2. Hi,
    Nice collection !

    I had the “longines.oh.v2-igu” but lost it when in did a factory reset on my LG G WATCH R, and I can’t find the longines watch face anymore online (even on facerepo.com)
    Is there a way you could send me this specific watch face ? I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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