LG Watch Urbane – Part 3


So day 3 has arrived using the LG Watch Urbane.  It is starting to feel like the best watch I’ve owned, that also happens to be a smart watch. 

Last night, I attended our work summer party and a number of people commented on the watch, wanting to know more about it. I had a Breitling watch face showing and I was asked if it was made by Breitling. I do believe that the brown crocodile strap makes the watch look a lot smarter too.

The orange sports strap I ordered has arrived, but at the moment I’m not sure I want to fit it to the Urbane as I really like the brown crocodile strap. I will post some photos of the strap soon.

Battery life has settled down with about 40% used in the past 24 hours. So I reckon a 2 day battery life is possible, but I would still top it up daily. Dictating using OK Google works fine. I have replied to emails, hangout messages and dictated and sent new text messages.  I have also searched through about 20 watch faces and settled for about 10 new ones from many famous brands. This adds to the charm of the watch. One of the simplest and best features of the Urbane is the clock always been visible. 

I am still waiting for LG or Google to update their apps and or firmware so I can get heart rate data transferred off the watch. Once this happens, the watch will be near perfect. 


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