LG Watch Urbane – replacing the strap


As you can see above and below, I have replaced the black strap with a brown crocodile strap which in my honest opinion looks a lot smarter. Some of you may prefer metal or even a sports rubber finish.


I have an orange sports strap (£10) arriving soon which I intend to wear at some point, but at the moment, brown crocodile leather rocks my boat. I have provided links to all the straps and tool I used to remove the strap and refit.

The key point to note is buying a strap removal tool. Mine costs £2.99 Don’t try and cheat with a thin flat screwdriver. You will probably take much longer and end up scratching the casing. First, turn over the watch to access the rear. Make sure you place the watch face down on a super soft cloth so as not to scratch the watch face. Then use the tool to grip the spring bar ridge, pull back and release spring. Reverse to connect strap. This is a 5 mins job. Make sure the shorter end goes up against the 12 o’clock.

Simple but effective.

Links – remember orange strap not yet received, but I will edit this post once obtained UPDATE – orange strap is too thick at to connect to Urbane.

Orange Dive Watch Strap Orange 22mm


Selection of 22mm Brown Leather Watch Straps


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