LG Watch Urbane – Part 2 – updated


Day 2.

I have experimented with more watch faces. Basically with an app called Watchmaker Premium (link to Google Play – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=slide.watchFrenzy.premium&hl=en ) it is possible to install practically any watch face you fancy. So no shortage of custom looks.

LG Support – my call to LG Support re getting the heart rate data to sync back to the watch is ongoing. LG have called me back several times re this issue. Basically on the LG G4 is LG’s app called LG Health. It is not recognising that the Urbane is connected and therefore not pulling any data from it. Instead the LG Health app is using the inbuilt G4’s pedometer. According to LG Support, its new and therefore that makes it reasonable to not work as advertised. I would love to express myself with a tirade of four letter words here. This is not acceptable and surely should have been tested. This is another LG app that is not working correctly. QuickRemote is another app not optimised for the LG G4.

Wrist control – this works like a charm. There is no need to touch the watch, just flick wrists up and down to scroll through notifications.

Voice control – OK Google seems fairly consistent at translating my voice or dictating my messages.

Straps – I have received a brown crocodile 22mm strap. I am still waiting for the strap removal tool and another strap, a bright orange sports strap. These other items are expected by Monday. Once I get everything, I will post photos of the new straps. The black leather strap that comes with the Urbane is really lovely. Brown leather looks even better IMO. The choice is yours as the Urbane uses a standard 22mm watch strap.

I am still exploring android wear apps and options. If anyone has any recommendations please let me know.

My main frustrating lies with the heart rate monitor/steps and its data not being transferred to the phone for analysis, nor have I found a way to use it to monitor my fitness whilst undertaking activities. Google Fit is the only app that collects steps but not heart rate. Google Fit is pretty useless IMO compared to the competition. LG Health app also needs updating asap.

I don’t accept LG Support casual remark that being new it’s ok to have bugs. In my mind this is a massive bug and should have been spotted immediately as it is so obviously not collecting heart rate data. Grrrr. Or transferring any data from the Urbane back to the phone.

The only consolation is the Urbane looks like a classy mens watch. And as a watch the time is always visible. No flicking wrists or lifting hands to activate the screen.

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