LG Watch Urbane – Beauty and Disaster – First Impressions


So yesterday my steel LG Watch Urbane arrived. My wife watched my open the box to reveal the Urbane, and her first words were “Ooh that’s rather lovely, much nicer than that prison tag thing you had” (FYI the prison tag referencing is the Samsung Gear S).


In fact the Urbane is gorgeous and the black leather strap matches it really well. As you can see I have been playing with watch faces, and apart from some of the included watch faces from LG, I have also installed Rolex and other brand watch faces with ease.

17 of my existing apps also offered some form of extra service on the Urbane. Wrist flicking to scroll through notifications works well. As does replying and deleting stuff or asking Google for information.

One aspect of the Urbane is its heart rate monitor. I can perform manual checks. I can tell LG Health app on the phone that I am starting an exercise or walking and it tracks everything, and displays your heart rate during your activity.

But how the f*** do you get the Urbane to transfer the heart rate data to your phone is beyond me. Google Fit is not displaying anything. LG Health app isn’t either even though it is meant to.

So I called LG support who have phoned me back twice and have yet to find a resolution. Let’s hope it is simply an app update or firmware fix.

So in one hand I was delighted with the Urbane’s look and feel only to feel aggrieved at its useless ability to not save heart rate data.

I have also ordered a watch strap tool remover, an orange sports strap and a brown leather strap. More to follow on my Urbane adventure in the coming weeks.

3 thoughts on “LG Watch Urbane – Beauty and Disaster – First Impressions

  1. Gavin looking forward to more information. Have my savings targeted at the WebOS version and will see what Samsung have to offer.


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