Samsung Galaxy S6 – Camera thoughts and 35 more photos

I have now had the S6 about a week and the camera continues to impress me. It is fast. burst mode is equally as fast and it performs in all lighting just by pressing the button. I just can’t praise it enough. In my full review coming soon, I will cover off all the camera options. If there was one disappointment, that is over the fact there is no long shutter mode or any manual shutter control. This would improve low light shots and also allow for special light flow effects. Better low light shots can be obtained in Pro Mode, forcing the ISO to 800.

Anyway, below are some more photos from the S6. All unedited. Some have had a white frame added but that is it. The dogs photo bombed both photos. There were not part of the frame, but appeared suddenly when I hit the shutter. I expected these to be out of focus but they were just fine. The dogs were also moving really fast at the time too. To see the full Flickr S6 album click here (currently 35 shots)-

Wild Dartmoor Trees

Enroute to Foggintor Quarry, George poses for the camera

Spectacular view inside Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor #panoramic

Saltram House #Samsung #GalaxyS6

Fury is a happy dog with a big grin, near Foggintor Quarry, Dartmoor

3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 – Camera thoughts and 35 more photos

  1. Hey Gavin thanks for the continued great work. Do you find the S6 A LOT better then the iPhone 6 Plus? I am tempted to switch if the camera is big time better. I line the 6 Plus but sometimes the 8 megapixels bother me. Always good pics…just lacking any decent crop ability.


    1. Hi Jeff. The S6 is better for sure, but don’t forget the iPhone 6 Plus is 6 months old so half way thru it cycle. And the 6 Plus still takes good shots. The key difference you might see if shorter battery life on the S6 vs 6+, but then the S6 has a better screen etc… On my flickr account I have albums for the 6+ and now the S6, and in my mind the S6 photos just look that much better. In 6 months time the next iPhone might be better than the S6. A continuous circle 🙂


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