Samsung Galaxy S6 – It’s arrived

Just a quick heads up that I now have a Samsung Galaxy S6 in black. I have not had a chance to do much with it other than charge it to 100%. It is now downloading a 249mb software update.

Later on in the week I will provide some more feedback, but in the meantime do let me know what questions you would like answered.

However, I did sneak in a quick low light shot and then take the same shot with my Note 4. All I will say based on this single shot I took, the S6 took a much better shot than the Note 4.


5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 – It’s arrived

  1. Gavin I know there is a lot to look at but see if you spot any improvement in performance once unnecessary apps are disabled. I’ve disabled a lot and my S6E seems to fly.


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