HTC One M9 Camera vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Below are two photos, one from the HTC One M9 and the other from the Samsung Note 4 taken by “tryfound” on XDA Developers.


The above shot is taken with the Samsung Note 4. And below from the HTC One M9.


So which is best? Well, I will let you decide as there are pros and cons with each. The biggest difference is the detail around the ceiling on the Note 4. But then in some other ways the M9 looks better. Neither is perfect. But add a filter and share of social media, and who would really care!

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6 thoughts on “HTC One M9 Camera vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4

  1. Prefer detail in Note 4. Agree, for general social use no difference. But if you want to keep pictures of family (children) etc, you may care a bit more about quality.


    1. Just received my M9 today. its quick and screen responsive. Surprisingly screen not that bad. Battery a bit weak may improve with use. I do like it. Will keep for a few months.


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