Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Pre Orders – Live in the UK at some extreme pricing

Yesterday most of the UK networks were offering deals on the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, O2, EE, Vodafone, Carphone Warehouse and Samsung UK.

But there were a few catches – the S6 and S6 Edge are being offered at really sky high prices, colours other than white or black are likely to have much longer waits before delivery and the 128gb versions was noticeable absent other than Vodafone but with no mention of an ETA.

In fact, the Samsung Experience store was indication a June 2015 arrival for the gold or green S6 Edge 128gb. Carphone Warehouse were clearly looking to shift contracts rather than sim free phones, as the S6 Edge was not available sim free. Many places are not even offering the 128gb version. And Samsung UK only seem to have the S6 32gb available for Pre Order. So much for @SamsungmobileUK claiming pre orders would be live from 20th March. Live but in limited selections and options.

And then there is the pricing. The base S6 32gb direct from Samsung is £599. The S6 Edge 64gb is £760, And the S6 Edge 128gb is likely to be over £800. Now as a comparison the iPhone 6 Plus is £619 for the 16gb, the iPhone 6 is £539 for 16gb. The 128gb iPhone 6 Plus is £789. So Samsung clearly believes the S6 Edge is worth more than the iPhone 6 Plus. Do you?

But here is the clever part. If you order via Amazon Germany ( ), use Chrome Web browser as this auto translates the pages, the 128gb S6 Edge is 1,049 Euros which equals £759.98. The only difference should be the fast charger plug being EU 2 pin and not a UK 3 pin. And returns are back to Germany if required.

I am not going to knock Samsung for lack of pre order options, as when Apple released the new iPhone 6/6 Plus there was not enough stock either.

So does the S6 tempt you or is it simply too damn expensive.


3 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Pre Orders – Live in the UK at some extreme pricing

  1. Super fast memory, unique, Cat 6 LTE, again unique, screen 577 ppi, unique, rounded screen, unique, wireless charing supporting 2 standards, again unique. So given the number of firsts, I think the pricing is okay. But we know in 3 months the price will come down and then we won’t talk about it. There is always a high price in first few months.


  2. Pricing is very brave imo – expected a price hike but its gone too far imo – contracts are averaging £50 – £55 pm for the 6 Edge! Apple products are cheaper and hold their price better – I’ll be waiting to pick up a 6 Edge once they’ve been out for a couple months or so – Samsung won’t hold their value like their Apple equivalents 😉


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