Samsung Note 4 – Lollipop update – What major feature did Samsung not include?

Samsung is rolling out the lollipop upgrade that includes many changes, some of which are under the hood but nonetheless still really important.

As part of the upgrade procedure Google does not force vendors to include all the new APIs. And that is what Samsung has decided NOT to do as well and not include the new CameraV2 API.

So what is so important about this new CameraV2 API. Well it is the API needed to enable the Samsung camera app to gain full manual control of the camera module. This includes the shutter speed, raw support and more.

This new API was a major improvement outlined for lollipop and it seems Samsung has cut corners and omitted this from their update.

Really disappointing news.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Note 4 – Lollipop update – What major feature did Samsung not include?

  1. Ridiculous considering this is basically crippling the device. And at that on their best selling and fairly exensive flagship range.

    Given how badly their mobile phone business is going, you’d think Samsung would be bending over backward to reward the faithful and win over new customers. But no..


  2. Right now, only the nexus 5 and 6 have support enabled for API2. All the other phones that got updated to lollipop (GPe or otherwise) don’t support it as of now. So, if Motorola, Sony, HTC as well as Samsung haven’t implemented the new API, I guess there’s a reason (business or technical).


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