Acer Jade S55 – Review – Part 2

Yesterday, I looked at the hardware design of the phone and today I am going to take a closer look at the software package.


This is the home screen that you are shown after turning on for the first time. I have installed the Acer Liquid Leap manager SmartBand app.


The lock screen has shortcut options and in practice swiping anyone of them works really smoothly.


The notification settings options are the usual affair, but with a shortcut for the torch. Always handy to have that option close to hand.


I mentioned yesterday Acer offer BYOC. Bring Your Own Cloud. This enables you to use your own PC as a cloud sycning solution for your music, photos, videos, files and documents. Each one of these options has its own app as you will see below in the screen shots.


Apart from BYOC apps, Acer also include Acer Nav which is powered by TomTom. Handy.


Acer do not add much bloatware to the phone. Chrome is the only web browser. Google Play is the music player. Consequently, out of the 16gb storage, just over 12gb is available.


In terms of other apps, a FM radio, Easy Hotspot, File Manager, Livescreen, Polaris Office 5 (editing too), Power Save, QuickMode, System Doctor and Flash Light are added and not much more.

The Quick Mode app is rather good. It allows you to select from 3 easier to use home screen modes. In basic mode you get a list of apps on the home screen maximum. All accessing settings is password protected as it is for the other Quick modes. See screen shot below.



Easy mode is similar but with large icons on home screen that scrolls up and can have more items added.See screen shot below.


And lastly standard mode makes the icons smaller on the home screen but again with restricted access. All in all, I think Acer did a good job adding just enough, but also creating some easier to use home screen modes.



Acer have also add a few of their own widgets.


With plenty of widgets for the time and weather!


In terms of operation the processor powering the phone does not seem to impact performance. It is a smooth affair moving from app to app. Antutu scoring revealed it only had one quarter of the performance versus the Note 4. And yet you would not know it in real life. Riptide GP2 played just fine. Call quality was ok too. The power button is on the top of the phone. This is not the best placement due to the height of the phone. The rear of the phone is a fingerprint magnet.

Tomorrow I will look at the camera and audio in more depth. If you have any questions, please let me ask in the comments or on social media in the usual places.

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