Honor 6 – review – audio and more

Before I get to the sound and audio quality, lets look at the lock screen shortcuts. Half pull up or full up to see all of the options.

Screenshot_2015-01-23-20-51-15 (1)


So far I have covered off various aspects of the phone. Now lets look at the music app. If you wanted to use Google Play Music, this app is available naturally and installed along with all the other core Google apps.


The music app is fairly simple. It allows you to see your music split into various ways, as well as moods.


The music app also allows you to create playlists and has a few settings. Otherwise it’s a simple affair.


So how good is the inbuilt headphone amp. The sound through the headphones is good and better than I had expected. It is remarkable that the phone costs around £250. In the system sound settings there is a toggle for DTS. It is best to leave this on as it adds some extra oomph, bass and depth but without being overkill whatsoever. I tried the following headphones with the Honor 6. The V-Moda Crossfade M-100s were driven loudly and accurately. I then tried Sennheiser HD518. The Sennheisers needed more headphone amp volume so did not go to a loud level.

Next I connected my USB DAC (Sabre USB Android DAC and Cayin C5 headphone amp). I used an app called USB Audio Player PRO to control everything. This works brilliantly, so USB Audio is supported in this setup. I then connected via Bluetooth and used a pair of Plantronics BackBeat Pro cans. Apt-x bluetooth codec is present and makes a difference too as the sound coming from these was excellent.

Talking of wireless, Chromecast is supported along with cast screen. The Honor 6 has an infra red blaster that is not documented nor does it come with any software installed for it. Yet a quick search on XDA Developers revealed a bespoke app made by Huawei that works a treat. I had tried a few other Infra Red remote apps but none of them worked apart from Huawei’s own app.

The loudspeaker is average, and perhaps the weakest link of the whole package. A bit tiny and does not go that too loud. Acceptable.

Tomorrow I will pen my conclusion.

8 thoughts on “Honor 6 – review – audio and more

  1. Hi!
    I bought HRT Microstreamer to use with my Honor 6 but unfortunately it doesn’t work… lack of power. Did you do something special to get your USB dac working?


  2. Hi there

    Wished i found jour page earlier. I use deezer on my honor 6 and purchased a hifime dac. Works fine on a moto g but does not work on my honor 6! I donwloaded thé USB audio player trial and it works but with my own mp3 files only. Deezer wont work. Is there any way to get thé USB player driver installed? By rooting thé device fort example? Thanks!


  3. hello, are you sure Honor 6 have APT-X codec ? how do you know that ? I’ve searched everywhere and didn’t find informations about it !
    thanks 🙂


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