Honor 6 – review – part 3 – camera

Welcome back to my next instalment of the Honor 6 review. Today, I am going to look at all the camera options.


Above is a screen shot of the various shooting modes included. Something for everyone! I will have an additional post with more camera samples using as many of the modes as possible. Panoramic shots can be vertical or horizontal. Smart mode decides which is the best mode to use based on what you are about to shoot. HDR is self explanatory but I have found it is best to keep it in Smart Mode as the Honor 6 really does know when to switch to HDR. Best shot takes 10 photos in an instant and selects for you the best photo. You can override this as necessary. Watermark adds 10 different watermarks over your snap. Some are cute, weather stamp, food stamp and editable too. I will have some sample photos in my other post today. Audio control uses your voice to take the photo and works well. Audio notes allows you to add a little message with each photo. All focus is a selective focus type mode and the others are all self explanatory. I would recommend always using smart mode. It did a superb job.


Various options for the picture sizes. Note bottom left George fast asleep 🙂


More still photo options from object tracking to smiles. Dependent on the shooting mode, you have control of ISO from 100 to 800, white balance, exposure, contrast, saturation and brightness.


Next up video file options. Note there is no 4k video. Other video options include beauty mode, object tracking, stabiliser and HDR video.


And finally some other random camera settings.


Selfie mode is clever as a box appears. Here you concentrate in getting your face correct. It will then appear correctly and not look odd once the selfie is snapped.

Another smart camera mode is with the device off, double press the volume down. This triggers Ultrasnap. A photo is taken within a second. So that means, phone turns on, camera app opens, shot is focused on and picture taken all in less than a second. And it works. Every time!


Tomorrow, I will write my final part covering off the audio options and more.

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