HTC Desire Eye – review – part 2 – sound and more

Welcome back to my review of the HTC Desire Eye. Click here to read part 1 –

In part 2, I am going to look at a few other aspects of the Desire Eye and then focus on the sound and music. Part 3 which will be live tomorrow will focus exclusively on the cameras and software that is included for them. On Thursday, I will pen my final thoughts on the HTC Desire Eye.

So lets jump back into the review again and look at a few other neat aspects. Car Mode. Simple concept but in this mode you get thumping big icons to press which makes it easier and safer to use, and you can customise the apps you want to see too.


The other aspect of Sense UI is the theme options where you can personalise the look. HTC include a number of themes that tweak the look across the apps and home screen. Again, a simple touch but ideal.


HTC include 2 power saving modes. The standard power saving mode reduces the CPU, display brightness, turns off vibrations and puts data connection to sleep when the display is off. All these options are toggles. There is also a generic sleep mode option to turn off data during long periods of inactivity. And finally there is the Extreme Power saving mode which can turn on automatically when the battery reaches 5,10 or 20%. In this mode many android functions are turned off including the ability to wipe or remote lock the phone.

So what can really add to the experience of a device. SPEAKERS. SOUND. The listening experience. And lets get straight to the point. Decent front facing stereo experiences makes everything from playing YouTube videos to listening to music and podcasts and absolute joy. And thats what the Desire Eye has behind tiny nearly hidden grills at each end on the front – stereo boomsound speakers. These front speakers are not as bassy as the HTC One M8, but nonetheless are still commendable and better than many other phones.

HTC include their own music app which can automatically update the album art, artist photos and lyrics. I copied across initially a few tracks and within a minute all the photos etc were fetched.


So as I started talking about the sound, lets continue. If you plug your headphones in your get a good sound with the emphasis on bass. The headphone amp is able to power the headphones to a loud level, higher than many phones. Boomsound EQ is a setting that can be turned on or off. When switched on ,which is the default setting, the music is slightly bass heavy and not necessarily the finest word when it comes to pure audio analysis. With boomsound off, the music is rather flat. I imagine most people will leave it on, and for modern music boomsound is just fine. But what I discovered is by connecting my Plantronics BackBeat Pro bluetooth headset/headphones, the sound is booming amazing. Again no shortage of bass, but much better than the wired connection. That is because the Desire Eye has APT-X codec for bluetooth music. This is a phone for the trendy modern person, so I imagine most people will enjoy the extra bass. Some won’t. However, you can install a different music app to regain some control over that bass and that is what I did.

I installed USB Audio Player Pro. I then connected my USB DAC (Sabre Android DAC) and Cayin C5 headphone amplifier. I can confirm that the HTC Desire Eye in this setup supported USB Audio. The sound was naturally miles better and totally accurate from an audiophile point of view. The phone did put a warning triangle in the notification bar advising during this mode, the phone could not be charged. Minor inconvenience I would say for the improvement in sound.

Tomorrow its all about the camera, the editing software and video highlights. Plenty to talk about on this subject!


3 thoughts on “HTC Desire Eye – review – part 2 – sound and more

  1. Thanks Gavin. Superb that you reviewed the apt-x enabled bluetooth capabilities and audiophile friendly digital audio out too. Always pleasure to read your blog.

    So which are you listening to now? Your Note4 with Sabre DAC and Cayin C5 or the Desire Eye already replaced your Note 4!


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