Sony open to all options including selling its mobile phone division

“ reports, via unnamed sources, that whilst no such deals are on the table “every division of Sony now needs to understand that Sony can exit businesses”. Sony did make the decision in 2014 to sell off its VAIO PC division and spun off its TV business.

The new report claims Sony is now open to some options with its mobile phone division, including possibly selling it off or launching a joint venture with another company.The news comes a few months after Sony announced a plan to restructure its phone business with 1,000 job cuts.”

This just shows that despite all the jaw dropping hardware, IP58 water resistance phones and tablets that things are really tough at there. I do not think Sony are alone, even Samsung and HTC are feeling the squeeze.

1 thought on “Sony open to all options including selling its mobile phone division

  1. Exiting a mobile device business is nothing new for Sony – in the Palm Pilot era when Sony was a player in that ecosystem and eventually dropped out, same as they are doing right here.

    Sony has decent hardware, but no heart (loyalty to customers) and no soul (no signature, style or inherent mission) that’s what does them in these kind of truly competitive situations.

    How about Nokia buys this from Sony and gets back in the smartphone biz?

    I’ve been using the Nokia Z launcher beta on Android and really liking it. Took a few days to wean myself from widget addition begin to comfortable but then it all clicked for me as user.

    Unlike the revieweratti, I really have no quibbles with Touchwiz, I find it quite good. But on the other hand I never loved it. In contrast, a week with Z Launcher you start to develop an emotional response it, which is unusual. The simplicity of it is really genius.

    Maybe those folks still holding the torch at Nokia would do better with this.


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