Samsung Note 4 – its camera and my thoughts

Scroll back a few days to Sunday and Monday, and you will see some photos I had snapped with the Note 4 early Sunday morning.

In fact, since the 9th November 2014, I have now taken 46 photos with the Samsung Note 4 that I have shared to a dedicated album on my Flickr –

If you consider the Note 4 the same as the Note Edge, there is another album just for the Note Edge. So its now over 2 months using the camera on this phone. My thoughts –

Every time I take a shot, I am often really pleased with the end result. Just dropping back to my previous phone which was the iPhone 6 Plus, I have found the 6 Plus camera is not at the same level as the Note 4. However, I would say that for most people it is definitely good enough and even though the Note 4 takes superior photos and video, the 6 Plus still is a remarkable shooter. Just shows how far smartphone camera technology has moved forward, and I believe in 2015 it will move forward again.

The Note 4 is 16mp affair and it does matter. Take a shot. Decide to crop in on a section and the end result is still a crisp, clear image with plenty of pixels. Macros are excellent for the same reason. I have taken low light shots and again not had particular issues. Panoramic photos are breathtaking and are able to span wider (more frames) than the iPhone. The Note 4 has many camera modes and manual settings should you wish to use them. On the dog action shots I discovered that the ones with George leaping over the water, the ISO was 40 and the shutter speed 1/400. That is remarkable to manage with the ISO so low. The optical image stabilisation is clearly helping here.

I mentioned I am always happy with the shots taken on the Note 4. With previous android phones, I would take several to make sure I got that one great shot. With the Note 4 that is not really necessary. It is reliable. The composition, depth and colours of each photo are also of a high standard. Still photography is easy but what about motion. On Sunday I decided to see how the Note 4 would fare trying to capture my 3 dogs pelting across Dartmoor. I used burst mode, sport and “shot and more”. For the shots posted on Sunday and Monday, only burst and sport mode were used. Shot and More mode was not appropriate as my dogs did not run in a predictable line between 2 points. Not surprising really! I took 350 photos in about an hour and decided after that point just to enjoy the walk and not take anymore. When I got home and inspected the photos I was ready to delete loads. Except, I couldn’t as there were only about 10 or so photos that were slightly blurred. It took me most of Sunday to slim down the number to around 40. And these photos were not in bright sunlight. Again remarkable.

So how about video. Well I do not shoot much video, but at work we held a go karting event. I offered to take photos and video and create a short film of the event. On my rig, I had the iPhone 6 Plus and the Note 4. The Note 4 was new so I was not as confident with it as the iPhone 6 Plus. The mezzanine floor I was filming from was moving slightly which at the time of recording I was not aware. Playing back footage from both phones the iPhone 6 Plus video made you feel sea sick as it moved around a lot. The Note 4 4K footage did not suffer from the movement. So from my time using the Note 4 in other scenarios, the video footage produced was better than that of anything I have seen before.

Sunlight. One last mention. So long as brightness is set to auto brightness, in powerful sun the Note 4 screen does some freaky stuff with contrast and brightness levels and makes it readable. I believe the brightness is cranked right up to 750 nits.

And there you have it. The Samsung Note 4 has a fabulous camera.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Note 4 – its camera and my thoughts

  1. Great stuff Gavin. ..I agree with everything you have said. It is so obvious you have tested both cameras throughly. Thanks for sharing. I wish the “professional” reviewers took the time a proper analysis the way you have done here. You deserve a raise!


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