Google Translate getting updated to take on Skype – details

“According to The New York Times, Google isn’t going to let Skype runaway with all the high-tech, language barrier-smashing fun. An upcoming update will allow the app to auto-recognize popular languages and translate them into text in real time.

In addition, Google Translate will also let you take snapshots of signs or menus or whatever, and also translate onscreen. This is probably the product of Google’s acquisition of the way cool Wordlens app. Our review of Skype Translator boiled down to a “close, but no cigar” analysis. But it’s a start, and with two huge companies entering in a positive game of one-upmanship, we’ll hopefully get closer to that Babel fish future rather than just one service trying to innovate in a vacuum.

Google Translate isn’t the only application whose updates are circling the rumor mill. Android Police reports that Google Now code is spilling a bunch of potential features, such as spoken notifications for when you’re driving. The code also reveals that Google is toying with the idea of allowing third-party apps to have their own cards in Google Now, so you could certain Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (etc.) alerts right in your Google Now stream.”

Competition is always healthy and these new features sound great.

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