Samsung Note 4 – 2 months later review

So its 2 months later with my Samsung Note 4. To read the main 17 Part Review click here.

Well there was a period of about 2 weeks when I changed my black Note 4 to the black Samsung Note. I also detailed my views on the Note Edge. To recap on the 14 part review of the Note Edge click here.

The Edge is identical to the Note 4 except for that edge / panel. So even though I had a break of 2 weeks it doesn’t really count as I was in reality using the same hardware and software. As you all probably are aware I moved back to the Note 4 as I could not tolerate the reduced battery life of the Edge over the Note 4. Moving back to the Note 4 allowed me to pick a different colour and I chose white this time. IMO it looks better in white but I’m certain many of you will disagree ☺

So what has it been like using the Note 4 for nearly 2 months. It’s the equivalent of having the best in class smartphone and topping all the categories. It has the best screen. It’s clarity and quality is incredible. It works brilliantly in sunlight and then goes so dark for night time reading. The colour accuracy of this screen is currently the best out there. As this is the Note range it has all the multi tasking options, s pen, infra red blaster, user changeable battery and micro sd card support. It also looks great and has decent battery with 2 battery saving modes ; the standard power saving mode and the life saver mode “ultra power saving mode”.  This last mode is so good that one night I was out and about and had 2% battery left. I switched to this mode, got home and forgot to charge the phone. By early evening the next day it was still on 2%. But fear not, the Note 4 has quick charging too. And this is  a theme in its spec sheet. It’s a battleship of specs. If you are into health and fitness, it has sensors for its built in pedometer,  heart rate and oxygen saturation as well as a UV sensor. This is all integrated in to the S Health app which has even more options. And if you use a Samsung wearable like the Gear range then you have a tightly integrated system.

And the best in class continues with its camera and audio. I am constantly amazed by the photos coming from the Note 4. The audio via the speakers is clear and ideal for voice and podcasts. It’s not boomsound bassy but it’s a clear sound. The audio sound via the headphone jack is very high quality. USB Audio is supported out of the box. Voice recording has support for its directional mics with the ability to separate up to 8 different sources of sound and remove any of them during playback of recording. Adaptive sound support is excellent too as it’s adjusts the sound according to each of your ears hearing abilities. Adaptive sound carries out a hearing test on each ear to set this up. Different adaptive sound profiles can be saved dependent on what headphones or ear you are using for phone calls.

But it’s not just the hardware that’s exceptional. The software package is also excellent.

Samsung has also provided a few small updates to improve performance and remove any early bugs. With android lollipop due in the next few weeks I am excited to see what more can be squeezed from this formidable hardware and software combination.

In case you hadn’t realised I totally love this phone !

7 thoughts on “Samsung Note 4 – 2 months later review

  1. Agree with everything you state as the positive qualities. I don’t play games, but I use nearly every other feature including KNOX and S Note. Unlike other owners, I don’t have an issue with the finger print recognition, which I use to access the KNOX area. The only thing better than the Note 4 is the Exynos version (I suspect) and the rumoured Snapdragon 810 with CAT 9 LTE.

    As a active user of S Note, I do have an issue with Samsung support for S Note. The Note 4/Note edge versions are not compatible (backward) with the Note 10.1 2014. MS OneNote is a better choice if you use a number of Wacom based devices.


  2. I do a lot of podcast listening and I would suggest the one weak point of the Note 4 is actually the audio. Compared to say my old Iphone 5S, the Note 4 is noticeably weaker in driving the analog audio out when I connect it in my car.

    If connected by bluetooth it is less of a problem but I still have to crank up the audio more than I did with the Iphone.

    When playing podcasts via the on-board loudspeakers, the Note 4 is a bit more powerful but all that is lost by the placement of the speakers on the rear. They really should have done it on the bottom or the front of the phone.

    This is my one minor beef with the phone. Otherwise outstanding.


      1. IMO the phone is plenty large enough to accommodate speakers, already – and has good volume to be able to have some more body in the sound. Samsung just hasnt chosen to prioritise that at all.

        If you look at the earpiece up top, I reckon they could easily fit a stereo pair of those on the underside of the phone (or the front as well) rather than a single rickety one on the back.

        I found that a bit disappointing. For those who do music and podcast usage a lot the audio output situation is a shame.

        But like I said, it’s my only complaint. Otherwise I absolutely love this thing, too big in the hand and all, but its a champion phone. No regrets on my part at all in going with the Note 4. after pre-ordering the Edge and declining to complete the transaction at the usurious asking price.


  3. Shame about touchwiz.

    However, loving the general forwards. As technology plateaus, use ability an ergonomics come to the fore.

    This is where the real revolution begins.


    1. It seems to be fashionable to “complain” about TouchWiz for no good reason, mostly because a few journalists have started it to find something to complain about. That and baseless complaints about “build quality” on phones that are rock solid and readily take a beating.

      The entire silliness reminds me of when digicams came about and people were bleating about the “rubber battery door”, as if they had to be cast from solid gold ingots in order to do the job…


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