Bon Voyage to my Samsung NotePro 12.2

I have written a fair amount about the Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2. This is Samsung’s largest tablet with a 12.2 inch screen along with the S-Pen stylus. And what a spec beast it is too, with more options than the kitchen sink.

Link to 12 part review of the Samsung NotePro 12.2 –

This tablet cost £650 new. Recently the price was slashed with the NotePro available a few months ago for under £400, a saving of £250. Samsung now are selling the tablet for £350. So you get a lot of tablet now for your money.

I decided in a moment of madness, that it would be nice to try a different tablet. So I used the PSCForum to place an advert and waited to see if there was any interest. And boom, within a few hours it was sold and paid for.

So what next I wondered? In the end I noticed a few good deals on the Samsung Tab S tablets. More on my first thoughts on the Tab S in the next post for today.

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