20 reasons why I chose the Samsung Note 4 over the iPhone 6 Plus

Before I start this post, let me state this is not an iPhone bashing exercise.  It is merely my reasons for choosing the Note 4 over the iPhone 6 Plus.

Some background.  I’ve owned the iPhone 6 Plus since 25th September and the Note 4 from 6th November 2014. My views on the iPhone 6 Plus.  It is the best iphone ever produced by Apple. A decent 1080p screen panel, reasonable loudspeaker, good battery life and camera but too slippery. It needs a case. Fortunately Apple sell 2 cases, a silicone and leather. The Apple leather case really makes it feel great in the hand and grippy. The other positive aspect of the 6 Plus is beautiful designed apps, many of which work in landscape too. Running iOS 8, it is a fairly smooth affair but not without bugs and odd crashes. However, for most people this is a perfect phone.

But not for me. After a while the 6 Plus becomes boring. I can’t change the icons or home screen layout. I can’t add the odd useful widget or two. But I can with the Note 4. So what else about the Note 4 made me keep it over the 6 Plus?  Let’s create a short list as to why :-

1) the Note 4 has a better screen resolution and a better screen for all scenarios and lighting. Bright sunlight visibility is beyond amazing.  Nightime reading is a joy as the screen goes really dark. The QHD makes everything a joy to use 

2) Customisable in every way possible. Different launchers, icons, widgets and more. The most common button on my infra red remote software is the dvd open/close button. This single button is added to my second home screen as a widget icon for speed.

3) Camera – the Note 4 camera produces better quality shots period. Then there is 4K video. 1080p video stabilises better on the Note 4 too.

4) S Pen and the feature set of software included. Use it daily and love it.

5) USB OTG,  USB peripherals all work great on the Note 4 . This extends to my recent article about using an USB DAC for amazing music reproduction.

6) Moga game Controller. Better supported on android, period. Game emulators also supported.

7) Multitasking with 2 apps on screen.  Other Multitasking options.

8) Loudspeaker – it’s not the loudest but it’s very clear with voice so ideal for spoke navigation  or podcasts.

9) Infra red blaster. I use it and it replaces the need for all my remotes.

10) Proper communication standards and support. Eg full access to NFC, bluetooth profiles, usb, file sharing,  wifi direct and more.

11) Selection of default apps. Eg browser or email client.

12) Grips better in the hand without the need for a case.

13) Already has support for android wear wearables, other wearables and Samsung smart watches like the Gear S which is at the bleeding edge of technology. And let’s not forget support for the Samsung VR headset.

14) Fast charging support. Ultra Power saving mode. Both of these modes are excellent in their own rights. Having a low battery is never a concern as you can either fast charge it or switch to the ultra power saving mode. Of course, the battery is removable so you could just  swap batteries.

15) Memory card support up to 128gb. 

16) Fingerprint scanner works well and with apps like PayPal. Internet passwords can be replaced using the fingerprint scanner too.

17) S Health features. Heart rate scanner. Oxygen levels scanner. UV sensors and many other sensors.

18) During a phone call recent email or messaging activity or if there is a birthday is displayed.

19) Adaptive sound. To setup adaptive sound the Note 4 takes you through a 5 min hearing test. With your headset or headphones on you listen for tones in each ear and confirm yes or no if you can hear anything. The sound curve is then adjusted to create a linear response. This works with music playback as well. You also also confirm which ear you answer calls with. You can save different profiles for each headphone or situation as well.

20) Contact grouping. You can create groups for your contacts and easily see who is in each group. With various services like LinkedIn , Google+ and others you have the option of adding the contact data in to your contacts.

I could go on but these are the main reasons.  My next dilemma will be chosing between the Note 4 and the Note Edge. The Note Edge is expected to arrive end of next week.


7 thoughts on “20 reasons why I chose the Samsung Note 4 over the iPhone 6 Plus

  1. On cost/price. I believe it is possible to buy the Note 4 with a 128 GB card for less than £700 therefore much cheaper than the equivalent iPhone 6 Plus?


  2. Sums up my views (and more) perfectly – loved my iPhone 6 but its just too slippery in the cold without a case (and I like my phones naked :p ) – plus I still dislike iOS notifications compared to Android – nowhere near as much functionality or as user friendly when using the notification drawer/shade. Note 4 is the device for me now – just waiting to try to source the Micro USB DAC thanks to your previous article Gavin. Oh and I need to learn how to take photos of Dartmoor as good as you :p


  3. Great stuff Gavin.. almost identical reasons for why my 6Plus is going on ebay .. .the 6plus is a great, consistent, functional BORING smart phone. ..I need to tinker a bit with good hardware and that is what the Note 4 offers. . Thanks for your brilliant work!


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