OnePlus One – Quick impressions


So yesterday I got to spend some time with my friends OnePlus One. You can now buy the 16gb version from a buyer that’s fulfilled by Amazon all for £259. Amazon link. Note the 64gb is not Prime or fulfilled by Amazon. My friend was gloating as he changed from his LG G2 to this phone.

It’s a 16Gb Chinese version with CM11S loaded on: –

The OS didn’t have OTA enabled, so you will need to download the 33R “signed flashable zip” to the device from:-

Then enable “Developer Options” and check “Advanced reboot”. Reboot into “Recovery”, selected “Flash Update”, selected the download on the device and flash. After loaded on, the OTA updates will keep coming until flowed you reach the current 44S versions (4.4.4). The 4.4.2 version that was on initially was stable.

Should you have to do all of the above. Not at all. I reckon OTA updates were disabled as there were some buggy releases. Did I like the invite system. No it was pathetic. However, moving all the above to one side the OnePlus One is a very nice phone. Comfortable to hold in one hand due to the grippy and weighty curved back. Heck even the 1080p screen was good. There is no memory card so really 64gb would be preferable.  In fact in the white finish I really wanted to take my friends phone away for my own use. 

But, it’s £258 which whilst it sounds cheap, for £42 more it is possible to buy the LG G3 with all its bells and whistles. So which do you choose?


2 thoughts on “OnePlus One – Quick impressions

  1. Don’t under-estimate the value of hardware nav keys! The softkeys on the G3 take up 7% of your very valuable screen real-estate. It doesn’t sound much, but it makes the viewable space on the G3 equivalent to a 5.1″ screen compared to the full 5.5″ of the OPO. That’s what swung it for me (along with it being faster, cleaner and a longer battery life).


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