Final verdict on the Samsung NotePro 12.2 tablet


As you all know I have got a number of Samsung devices at the moment including the Note 4 and Gear S.  To obtain the NotePro 12.2 tablet I sold my iPad Air which allowed me to buy the NotePro with no extra cost involved.

It wasn’t a match made in heaven at first. Touchwiz seemed to really slow down the tablet and the lag and freeze ups were painfall. However, I installed Nova launcher and now the NotePro not only has an improved home scree it responds much faster. The lag with Nova is reduced so much it feels like a different tablet. If we compare the Samsung to an iPad, the iPad is a slightly faster device with better designed apps for larger screens. However, despite that the NotePro is staying for good. It just offers a better overall solution with its large screen, s-pen, multi windows, multi tasking,  infra red blaster along with decent software for it, lots of connectivity options, 32gb base storage plus micro sd card slot and a fab 12.2 inch screen which makes everything a joy to view. Samsung also include a wealth of useful software and next year in the 2nd quarter the tablet will get android lollipop. Also all text entry on the tablet including this entire post was written using the S-Pen and handwriting recognition!

Addressing the apps. You see that is not such a big issue as a lot of the times I will have the NotePro with more than one window in use. Mainly 2 or 3 in reality. The windows can be split equally or as I like having a messaging app like hangouts open but only taking up 2 inches width of the screen. The other window can be whatever I want.  Therefore with smaller windows open, apps don’t look so bad. In fact most apps look ok on the full wide screen. Also, Samsung has customised many apps like Email. I use this app both on the tablet and Note 4. I do not like the Gmail app. On the tablet you can choice between have 2 or 3 panes open. With 3, you get the folder structure, email list and then the email body in the last pane. These touches are thoughout the device.

Gaming is also a joy on the big screen, as is using my Moga Pro Power game Controller. This is one area where android is currently way ahead of ios with games that support game controllers.

But it is the large screen with all the versatility that makes the NotePro 12.2 tablet a success for me. For some of you it just might be too big and heavy but at its current reduced pricing it is a rather attractive option. Prices via Expansys are around £379 or less.

3 thoughts on “Final verdict on the Samsung NotePro 12.2 tablet

  1. Received my NotePro yesterday but will be returning it as don’t see significant benefit over the 10.1 2014 version. The Magazine UX is very good but not available under Knox so not that great for business users. It is an impressive device and i did not really experience any lag. I would recommend it if you don’t have a tablet. Also with Lollipop perhaps Knox may not be needed and the Magazine UX can be used in a secure setup but no idea when the upgrade will be available.


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