This is Magic Stuff – How to install the exclusive Mont Blanc content for Samsung Note 4 – free

Mont Blanc and Samsung teamed up together to create a few exclusive Mont Blanc flip leather cases and pens. If you buy the case you get access to extra digital content. However, there is another way to get the content installed on your Note 4. The extra content includes 2 wallpapers, and in S Note 5 extra Mont Blanc fountain pens types. This is how. First install Nova Launcher. Long press on the home screen. Select in pop up menu Shortcuts.

Next select Activities, then scroll all the way down to you get to PopupuiReceiver. Screen shot below.


Next select Mont Blanc. Below shows icon that will appear on home screen. Note wallpaper is one of the 2 free new wallpapers you will receive.


The Mont Blanc icon appears bottom left. Tap. You will be taken to the Samsung App store. Install and open S Note. The wallpapers are installed in the normal wallpaper section.

S Note now has Mont Blanc fountain nibs selection.


And that folks is the magic way to get the Mont Blanc digital content.

15 thoughts on “This is Magic Stuff – How to install the exclusive Mont Blanc content for Samsung Note 4 – free

  1. I only have 3 items in popuouireceiver…none are mont blanc. I’m using the Verizon model. Bone stock. Any ideas? Thanks for the post and any help…


      1. Thank you for the reply. Wow, so if I buy the Mont Blanc case I get no extra features? That’s horrible for Samsung to allow that. I don’t see any fine print on their MB accessories material either. Are you aware of any way to pull out the wallpaper files to share? Or, link to the Samsung installation or apks? Thanks again!!


  2. Love it, thank you..was going to spend over $200 for a case mainly for the exclusive stuff, but I can now stay sane.

    I found a genuine Leather case for Note 4 at amazon sold by shop leather for $45, the only thing I don’t know about it is whether it would interfere with NFC functionality, then it would not be helpful for google wallet users


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