Samsung Note 4 – thoughts from the weekend

Ok, I got a chance to use the Note 4 some more and it started to grow on me just a little bit more than I expected. I got a chance to use the camera and even managed a shot of the moon. In contrast, the iPhone 6 Plus had to be fooled in to taking anything worth while and even then the end result was only 7.3kb in file size.

Below are some sample shots from the Note 4 taken at the weekend. What I have noticed compared to the Note 3 and Samsung S5 is there were hardly and wasted shots. The Note 4 got the shot first time and quickly from an off position. Annoyingly my iPhone uses a nano SIM and I didn’t get a chance to get a micro sim at the weekend. This meant not being able to use all of the Note 4 features.

Some shots. All unedited. Not full size. Click through to flickr, change settings to original to view full size version.

Tree logs stacked in style at Bellever Forest #SamsungNote4 #unedited


Sunrise at Bellever Forest thru the Trees #SamsungNote4 #unedited

Action shot.

Fast action shots - Tiggy looking at George in the water #SamsungNote4 #unedited

And one last thing. That screen and S Pen and S Health. And the fingerprint scanner actually works every time.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Note 4 – thoughts from the weekend

  1. As much as I am wanting to complete my Apple line up of devices I am becoming more and more infuriated with the wait I am having for my iPhone 6+ (neither an online wait of 26 days and counting, nor my local Apple store in receiving any 128GB Space Grey). As such this is pushing me ever closer back to my original plan of the Note 4.


  2. Hi Gavin…great info as usual! I was waiting and hoping you would get the Note 4. I have both the 6 Plus and the Note 4 now as well One has to go back this week. Camera is most important to me. For the moment the Note 4 seems to be winning this battle. On a side note I know you liked the “Hey Siri” feature a lot on the 6 Plus. If you go into the Google now settings you can have the same type of feature on the Note 4. It also works when the phone is not being charged (unlike the 6 Plus). Looking forward to more of your Note 4 thoughts.


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