Samsung Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus – camera photo comparison

Just a really quick photo comparison. Don’t worry there will be plenty more and more evenly taken.

I’m not into pixel peeking too much just which phone can take the best shot. The 6 Plus is up first as is 4:3 ratio versus the Note 4 that snaps in 16:9.

So which do you prefer?


And now the Note 4. Full resolution.



7 thoughts on “Samsung Note 4 vs iPhone 6 Plus – camera photo comparison

      1. That really surprises me.
        If you look at the blue pepper lid in the iPhone shot it has more noise than the same in the Note’s, thus one would believe the ISO would be greater on the iPhone shot.
        However, this is not the case indicating other things are improving the Note’s shot.
        The sensor seems better on the Note in handling noise in this shot….. But then I am looking at the uploaded and not originals.

        It will be most interesting to see how other shots turn out.


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