Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 Tablet – first impressions


Don’t be confused, it is Yosemite running on the Samsung NotePro 12.2 tablet but it’s using the free software Remotepc that Samsung provide. It’s seems really good too and it has a file explorer allowing the transfer of files from your computer to tablet  The above photo demonstrates just how big the tablets screen is.

Anyway, last night after allowing the tablet to charge, then spending the next hour or so downloading all the app updates from Google Play store and the Samsung App store plus the installation of 2 OTA firmwares the tablet was ready to rock 

First impressions are that it is huge. It is heavier than any tablet I have held in years. But it is also the biggest tablet screen size I have used too. In fact the screen is fabulous,  as is the default on screen touch keyboard. I have typed this post on it.

Several apps look like stretched phone apps, but on the whole the rest looked fine. The S-Pen is included and is more suitable for such a large screen for note taking and such like. Handwriting recognition appears to be really good so far. Samsung include many business type apps which I will cover off in more detail. Multitasking with 4 windows open is slick, but it is better to have 2 as the size of the windows is 6 inches a piece. This is the first Samsung product that includes a brilliant infra red software app. Very pleased about this as the dvd software includes the eject button. My dvd player eject button doesn’t work anymore and the official remote does not have an eject button either. 

If Apple release a 12 or 13 inch ipad,  the experience will be fantastic. I hope they include allowing more than one app to be displayed on the screen. Photos just shine on this tablet. In fact, they look better than on my ancient macbook. If my macbook dies I could just use this tablet.

Lag. It’s Samsung. It lags. Slows down at times. But in reality it doesn’t matter that much. There is also the magazine UI powered by Flipboard which also adds some HTC Blinkfeed options too.

I still have a lot to setup and discover. I will also be using this tablet with the Samsung Note 4 and Gear S. First impressions will be on Sunday hopefully on my podcast .


In the meantime below are a few screen shots. First my current home screen. The time is correct.

Next up is a screen shot with the Magazine UI.


You can make the tiles smaller in the above shot, so if you wanted you could have 6 items per page. Next this is Multitasking done properly.


The above screen shot shows 3 screens open. 4 is the maximum in multi window. As I mentioned above, having 2 windows open side by side is really useful and manageable.

More soon…. questions please ask.

12 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy NotePro 12.2 Tablet – first impressions

  1. When you get to a size like this you quickly see what impact the screen looks like.
    Andoid this time most definately have it right…… Being able to populate such a screen with widgets and multiple windows not only makes it look much prettier but more productive to boot.

    If Apple do not change their screen icon philosophy or their use of a single app display then the iPad 12″ will be nothing more than an enlarged iPad Air.
    Can you imagine such a large screen populated with nothing more than row after row of icons, with its entirety used by one single app!

    In other words ~ The bigger an Android tablet gets the more it looks prettier and productive.
    The bigger an Apple iPad gets and it’s the same thing only bigger.


  2. Lag is a nonsense subject. I have seen Apple users poke their iPhone screens and not get a response. I hear that IO8 slows down older devices and no one talks about this lag. I have seen lag caused by poor 3G signal on all sorts of devices. CPU and software is not the only factor impacting performance on connected devices. All devices can have performance problems in different circumstances including the beautiful MBA running the Intel i7 CPU.


    1. I disagree slightly Jah. Sometimes waiting in silence for something to happen is frustrating. Not end of the world but frustrating. My ipad Air was faster moving between apps and that is a fact. If it’s not lag then call it overall speed. But once in an app lag doesn’t matter as much, if at all.


      1. As I said I have seen performance issues with Apple kit but no one talks about it. Ask someone about IO8 on the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s or old iPhone 5.


  3. who knows if the lag is caused by Samsung’s bloatware, the Android system or indeed poorly written apps? It is there, I’ve seen it on the 12″ Note and other Samsung Android tablets, two of which I own. Also on my Galaxy S5. It’s miniscule and doesn’t happen all of the time. It can be alleviated with a few tweaks in the developer settings and removing the S-Voice access from the home button. They’re still fantastic tablets though.
    Nice first impressions, Gavin. Do you have the tablet for a while? and will you be adding a Launcher, like Nova maybe? I’d like to know if you lose any S-Pen functionality.


    1. Hi Paul. Believe it or not I felt the 6 Plus was big enough to use for everything and made my ipad Air obsolete. So i sold it to a friend. The money i got for it was the same price Expansys were selling the NotePro (£379) so it was a result. So i intend to keep it for ages.


      1. Result 😉 I keep looking at the Note 4 for my next phone. It’s just edging out the Nexus 6.
        Your S5 is still going strong, apart from the micro charging door, which has snapped-off. It still fits but I’m sure I’ll loose it at some point.


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