Nvidia Shield Tablet – the negatives and bugs

So far I have covered off all the wonderful aspects of the Shield tablet. But I have also discovered a number of bugs and issues as below.

Nvidia Shield Tablet issues

1. Wifi Connectivity – I have noticed the range is not as powerful as my other devices. A recent OTA software update has improved matters.

2. Remote Streaming – Doesn’t work unless using an Ethernet Adapter. Wifi signal too week to stream. I have not experienced this myself, but some users have. Unfortunately, my PC is too old and does not have the minimum specs for streaming.

3. Cracks Edges on Case – Hairline cracks in all 4 corners of device. Case creaking and splitting. There are pages and pages on many forums about this. Again, I have not had this issue. But it Is worth highlighting it. Apparently Nvidia changed the manufacturing plastic bonding process with the newer LTE 32gb. However, users with this newer model have also experienced the shell suffering hair line cracks. More than likely caused by excessive heat whilst gaming at full throttle for hours at a time. The only good news is Nvidia does seem to be exchanging people’s devices. I should point out that if you get a crack, it doesn’t affect anything. Just cosmetic.

4. Poor Battery Life – 2 to 3 hours max when gaming. 5 hours otherwise. No quick charging. I have done battery tests and the gaming battery life is poor.

5. Bluetooth Controller Connectivity – Interference with 2.4GHz signal and inability to connect to certain devices.

6. OTG USB Charging and Ethernet Adapter – Not able to use a USB splitter for both the Ethernet Adapter and Charging at the same time. Not a feature advertised by Nvidia but would have been useful due to short battery life.

7. Mushy Power Button and Volume Rocker. I find these difficult to operate. Fortunately the Smart Cover turns the device on and off , and the wireless controller has volume controls.

8. Brightness Fluctuations with Screen. Auto brightness control is too aggressive and changes brightness too often.

9. Folders. I have created folders on the home screen. But apps keep vanishing out of them. Maybe I have too many apps in the folders? But then it allows me to place them inside to start off with.

Every device I have owned has issues including the Nvidia Shield tablet. However, despite all the above I am keeping this over my iPad. The Shield has flaws but it also has charm and lots of functionality that makes it a keeper.


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