BlackBerry Passport – Impressions Part 5 – Office, Clock and Video Options

So today I am going to cover off some of the other apps on the BlackBerry Passport. From a business point of view the Passport comes with Docs To Go, Contacts, Calendar, Adobe Reader, Evernote, Box, Dropbox sync, and Remember. And don’t forget BlackBerry Blend mentioned on Sunday’s post.

Docs To Go covers off Microsoft office docs and editing, from excel, word and powerpoint. It is worth remembering that BlackBerry has in terms of security a whole wealth of enterprise options and security. To be honest all the above apps mentioned to exactly what they say on the tin. The BlackBerry Passport really makes an excellent productivity tool.

So let’s have a look at some of the other included apps. The video app apart from play videos allows some basic editing from trimming, cropping, enhancing and adding filters. Quick sharing options are also available. Story Maker is another app that allows you to create new memories combining photos and videos with effects, music, titles and more. Below are some of the effects available shown at the top of the screen shot.


Some another app is the Clock app. This is a simple app with a few options to switch between digital or analogue, and some bedside options as shown below.


The clock app also allows for alarms, world clock, stopwatch and timer controls.To be honest there are no surprises here.


So finally for today, the file manager.

This does exactly what you would expect from a file manager, and links in with BlackBerry Blend. As you can see my iPad is now showing as part of the file manager. This is due to the BlackBerry Blend app.

All in all the Passport has a wealth of options. More tomorrow and in particular the keyboard.

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