Samsung Note 4 – how will iPhone 6 Plus impact sales

Apple just can’t sell enough iPhone 6 Plus phones. So will there be any people left to buy the new Note 4?

I imagine they will be plenty but maybe not as much as expected or as per the Note 3.

But let’s say Samsung have a good return for the Note 4, add that to Apple’s iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sales, where does that leave everybody else?

I predict more phone manufacturers being casualties of this roller coaster success of Apple and potentially Samsung. Or maybe Samsung gets knocked off its perch by somebody else!

2 thoughts on “Samsung Note 4 – how will iPhone 6 Plus impact sales

  1. In China with a population of 1.3 billion Apple only had 4 million reservations, these are not pre orders. Also my simple test of looking around while I spend 30 minutes in the London Tube every day and I have only seen one person with new iPhone 6. Finally people interested in the iPhone 6 would not be interested in the much larger Note 4 and the stylus is a concept for which there is no parallel in the Apple world. Popular information suggests only about a million iPhone 6 Plus models were sold as part of the 10 million first three days sales. My way of saying the Note 4 will more popular than the Note 3.


  2. working in the wireless industry I have to say 90% of people buying iphones are afraid of the the iphone 6 size to begin with let alone the 6 plus. Most customers after looking at the demo of the iphone 6 plus opt for the 6. I highly doubt iphone 6 plus can topple Samsung Note 4 which can actually multi-task which is what most customers who buy a larger device want. One customer said something I won’t forget “Why would I buy a larger phablet without a true multi-tasking ability that would be my very reason to go to a larger phone and the 6 plus definitely does not offer that as compared to the Note 4. Having a first hand knowledge of actual sales and figures. There is no way the plus can compete in sales when it comes to the Note 4 or the Note 3 even right now.


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