iPhone 6 Plus versus LG G3 camera comparison

The press have been stating the iPhone 6 is the world’s best smartphone camera. So lets put these auto mode cameras to the test. This is a simple auto mode test. 3 samples of the same shot, the first from the LG G3 and then the iPhone 6 Plus.

In some ways I felt the iPhone 6 did a good job, and in others the G3. I will create a more in depth comparison, but I thought some of you might be interested.

So which phone wins for you?

Remember LG G3 first then iPhone 6 Plus.



As you can see from the shot above the iPhone 6 plus got the lighting all wrong.



The above shots are trickier. The iPhone does a better job with the sky. G3 has more detail. Close call.



One thing that is evident is the iPhone 6 has a wider field of view, which could be a bonus.


3 thoughts on “iPhone 6 Plus versus LG G3 camera comparison

  1. The first example would have made for a better comparison had you taken the shot from the same position. I’m not sure any of the examples give a sense of wider field of view either. In the third example what extra you get on the left of the picture you lose from the right?


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