More thoughts on the new iPhone 6 compared to the LG G3


I’ve been pondering over the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus more and more this weekend. I’ve looked at my LG G3 and decided to see if I installed Apex or Nova Launcher whether that would help cement my decision not to get the new iPhone.

The new iPhone 6 in particular the 6 Plus is the version that interests me the most. But despite it looking like a gorgeous piece of hardware and iOS 8 seemingly the finest operating system from Apple, it just doesn’t tick enough boxes at the moment. This is strengthened after I installed a third party launcher on my current phone , the LG G3.

I own the full/pro version of a number of third party launchers. Apex is my favourite as the theming is more extensive but it has a bug that appeared after hours of customisation which stopped widgets being resized. So I installed Nova Launcher and proceeded to create the above look above. I later on recreated TouchWiz found on Samsung devices. Using either Nova or Apex introduces a few other time saving options too and a bespoke user experience.

But the fundamental point is with my LG G3 it has everything I could want and more. A new iPhone 6 Plus will also provide an amazing user experience except it will just be a different one, not necessarily better just different.

So by holding off being first out of the blocks with a new iPhone 6 Plus I can let others post their experiences, bugs, positive and negative thoughts. In addition, I can then spend some time at my local Apple store exploring the phone further and make a more informed decision based on better data and not marketing promises. The Samsung Note 4 will also be released shortly, meaning I can really compare the LG G3, Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus without making any rash decisions.

I must admit I find it odd that I haven’t pre ordered the new iPhone. That is a first. I’ll be honest to also admit I’ve read many times over the last for days too 🙂


2 thoughts on “More thoughts on the new iPhone 6 compared to the LG G3

  1. Gavin the LG G3 is not just fast with a great screen but has a nice size and shape. I think with Android L we will see the OS becoming more appealing and then I am not sure Apple will continue to have something special with IOS 8.


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