It’s iPhone 6 pre order day tomorrow – will I be ordering one? Well let’s compare the LG G3 vs iPhone 6

It’s nearly iPhone 6 pre order day. You can order and have it delivered to your home address next Friday or collect at your nearest Apple store. But for the first time I’m not sure whether I want the new iPhone. So I made a list to try and help me. First I took my current phone the LG G3 and made a list of the extras it would provide over the iPhone 6 and then vice versa.

LG G3 Plus Points over iPhone 6

– QHD screen at 540 pixels per inch vs 401 pixel per inch on iPhone 6 Plus which is a lower 1080p screen. Smaller iPhone 6 only has 326 pixels per inch
– 3gb ram, 32gb storage plus 128gb micro sd. The G3 has lower cost storage and upgradable via the micro sd slot for storing more media. The iPhone is fixed storage
– FM Radio built in. The iPhone hasn’t got a fm radio.
– Plays Hi-Res Audio codecs out of the box
– Better game controller support including emulators
– Laser auto focus camera at 13mp with true tone flash. iPhone is only 8mp. Optical image stabilisation on the G3 and iPhone 6 Plus but not the smaller iPhone 6. The G3 also has 4K video recording. iPhone maxes out at 1080p. G3 has extra shooting modes. Magic and dual shot.
– Qi Wireless charging built in – relaxing and simple solution using the LG Qi stand at night. Fully charged by morning
– Quick Circle case. Novel solution. At present nothing on iPhone.
– The LG G3 is nearly £300 cheaper. The LG G3 32gb version can be bought for £404. Add a 128gb micro sd card for £70. Total cost £474 versus £789 for 128gb iPhone 6. Total memory on G3 is also more at 160gb.
– Android – better sharing and easier. Google search long press of home button.
– Infra red remote control. Completely missing on iPhone.
– Apps – weight watchers app is better on android. It has a barcode scanner missing on iOS. Imperihome is missing on iOS.
– removable and replaceable battery – the G3 battery is removable and therefore you could carry a spare in your wallet. Also after a few years the battery level would drop but you could just insert a new battery for £10.

So with the LG G3 wiping the floor can the iPhone 6 retaliate. Here goes –

iPhone 6 Plus Points

– Apple support. Book appointment with a genius. 10 mins later issue sorted
– 1080p screen a benefit over QHD. Better battery life and faster as less pixels to push. iPhone panel top quality.
– Apps are better designed and the 6 Plus will start to have even slicker designed apps
– 8mp camera can take 999 burst mode shots in one press of shutter. Auto exposure adjustments while taking a panoramic shot. Slow motion is at 240 fps vs G3 at 120 fps. Includes time lapse mode. The camera also does HDR video
– Touch ID – best fingerprint scanner to unlock phone with a breeze. Now open to third party developers
– Photos – better photo editing app and auto sync available to other Apple devices
– iMessage – clever integration with SMS app. Can send media.
– Family sharing
– superb health app and motion co processor chip
– continuity services and software
– home kit framework
– backup and restore. No other platform competes

So as you can see it’s not a home run for either device. Apple is about better integration between software and hardware. LG G3 is about hardware innovation and android.

So I’ve decided to visit an Apple store and see the new iPhones in person before I decide.


2 thoughts on “It’s iPhone 6 pre order day tomorrow – will I be ordering one? Well let’s compare the LG G3 vs iPhone 6

  1. I thought most of the clever lock-in Apple software could be replicated with Google and other apps? Personally I find the poor battery life of Apple devices criminal given the rich functionality on offer which obviously means you want to use it.


  2. Prior to the Apple Event I was eager for the news and my wallet had resigned itself to being hit with a purchase.
    However, how things change in 24hrs…… I’m not convinced by all that has been offered. I don’t see anything major or mind bendingly obvious that I should ditch the G3.
    All I see is an awful lot of noise and hand clapping.
    I am glad I finally managed to watch the Event and this time without the background Chinese interpretations. It’s made me realise I’ll keep my iMac and iPad but there’s no way, no way at all will I be getting an iPhone.
    There, at least it’s made my wallet breath a sigh of relief…….. 128GB iPhone 6 Plus……..I should coco.


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