LG G3 – Camera – My favourite shot of the week

Below is my favourite photo this week taken with the LG G3. Full auto mode.

Huge Cross on a stormy Dartmoor


10 thoughts on “LG G3 – Camera – My favourite shot of the week

  1. Telegraph poles wires can sometimes add to a shot. If I had to be picky I would rather not have them included but hey that’s personal.
    Also Gavin, do you enjoy using Photoshop Express for the editing?
    I’m having a bit of a negative day today because in my experience with PE I find it infuriatingly annoying after paying for something you then have to be constantly online just to use it.


      1. Oh I know exactly what you mean when it comes to photo editors.
        I too have a quantum of the beggars installed and each will add or change a particular function. It’s a task on its own remembering which editor is best for what particular task…
        And to add to the list:- Camera 360 recently added a new filter by the name of ‘Starry Night’ which gives very interesting shots no matter what time of the day.
        In fact whilst I’m here on Camera 360 ~ check out also the filter ‘Magic Sky’ and after taking a shot using the filter choose ‘Volcano’ and WOW does it give one heck of an active sky.


      2. Damn it. Now I need to install another app 🙂 my main photo editing apps are camera zoom fx, color splash pro, Flickr , paper camera, photoshop express, picsay pro, snapseed, vsco cam, perfectly clear , Pixlr express and handy photo. In most cases each of the apps have one or two features the others don’t. Grrrr


  2. Yes, I too have those and some…. Check out Portrait Painter, Photo Studio, Photo Grid and Water Reflection by Swiss Codemonkeys (this one is different from the others with the same name as it allows you to rub out water from around a subject).
    I could go on but that’s a few more I use on a daily basis Gavin.


      1. It’s true it puts saved shots in the ‘My Album’ but if you select ‘Albums’ in the LG Gallery it should show the folder with the saved shots named ‘Camera’.


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