You’re stranded in the middle of a Moor in bad weather – which phone will save your life – iPhone 5S or LG G3

Here’s the scenario. It’s Sunday evening. The weather has changed on Dartmoor really quickly as it can do on a regular basis. The sun has disappeared and the thick fog has descended, this is despite it being 4pm!

There is no visibility. A second later you’ve tripped over a piece of granite, fallen and hit your head. You’re now bleeding. Thankfully, there are 2 of you. With a torch and compass you go to take the exact location readings so you can provide these for any emergency services. The torch doesn’t work. And then the wind takes your map and it blows away into the thick fog.

Solution. Mapping services on the Apple iPhone 5S and LG G3. They both have the OS Locate app and Maps installed and ViewRanger GPS app and maps of Dartmoor. So achieving an exact location should be simple.

iPhone 5S provided the location as below –


And the LG G3 as below. As you can see both phones are on the same network and supposedly have decent signal strength.


Now, I don’t dislike the iPhone whatsoever but I was shocked to discover the 5S was clueless as to the correct GPS location. The LG G3 was spot on and would provide the correct location for the emergency services, which in turn would save your life and allow for your head wounds to receive treatment accordingly.

Following this real life situation, there is no way in a million years I would ever trust or use an iPhone 5S or earlier models.


4 thoughts on “You’re stranded in the middle of a Moor in bad weather – which phone will save your life – iPhone 5S or LG G3

  1. Interesting….. Looks like the iPhones GPS was having a bad hair day.
    Did you try it again after a reboot Gavin, or any of the other mapping services?
    I would love to hear comments from other iOS users with the App running.


  2. Very strange, my iPhone 5s has always been pinpointing my position better and quicker than my LG G2, Xperia Z2, Galaxy S5 and Note 3. Sound strange that the LG G3 should have so much better GPS. But I never used that app but comparing Navigon, Tomtom and Google Maps and the iPhone 5s has always had a better position


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