Adobe Photoshop Express – brilliant app but I’ve rated it 1 star

On the Google Play store is Adobe Photoshop Express. It’s a free app with in app purchases. And the built in photo editing features and filters are excellent.

But I’ve rated it 1 star. Why? None of the premium in app features will work unless you’re connected to the internet. What a joke. Even more disgraceful is that Adobe offer no warning in the app description. 

If the app is updated to change this policy then I will rate it 5 stars.

I discovered this by accident. Last night I was in the Indian takeaway waiting for my feast and decided to edit some of my photos. But I couldn’t use any of the premium features which I needed so aborted my plans.

Not only that there is no way to easily contact Adobe support. A big fail in my book. However, I did get a useless response from @adobecare , their support account. “@AdobeCare: @gavinfabiani Hi, the app needs internet access to connect to Adobe Revel accounts & updates. Not sure when an update will be out ^SV” – Adobe completely avoided my question.

Other examples could be you’re in a dead zone in the UK or on holiday sitting by the pool. You won’t be able to apply any premium filters or features that you’ve paid big money.

And if you look at the reviews on the Play Store I’m not alone feeling aggravated by this stupid control freakery.

The app is available on iOS and Windows Phone too so I would check to see if it has the same restrictions.

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